Andy shared his success secret in seminar

Recently, Andy Lau loved to talk about his life, other than talking about his father experience in VOICE, two nights ago he was in Beijing’s Tsinghua University to share the secret of success with Xiaomi Inc. CEO Lei Jun in a seminar Changing life into a battle field which attracted large number of students and professionals to attend. Being an artist with heavenly king status in showbiz, Andy talked about the ups and downs in life.


Lei Jun who remembered that the first Andy Lau’s cassette tape he bought was ‘Ai De Lian Xian’, said: “If you want success, just like what I said earlier that the typhoon is coming, the pig can fly, if we can maintain the attitude of a pig, you can be successful too.” Andy immediately add on: “Success is able to accept failure, what is the master of failure, it thinking that you’re already successful, I’m now that pig.”

Being in showbiz for 31 years, Andy had always maintained a perfect image, he admitted that he’s best at admitting handsome, his most successful part is his character, “19 years old signed contract with television station, all the while does not have much shows to my name, close to 10 years then have several good shows, I feel that it’s because of my character which allow me to be popular for such a long time, but I not as good as what everybody thought.”


“Not willing to be defeated” supported his showbiz career, Andy said: “I wanted to get the highest score for whatever I do, be it singing, dancing and acting all need to spent a long time to rehearse, just need to store “Not willing to be defeated” in the brain, there will be chances of success.” In the realistic world of showbiz, being a heavenly king have downturn too, Andy knew to pick himself up from when he fell down.

After setting up a family, other than enjoying the blissfulness of a husband and happiness of a father, if there is a conflict between his career and family, Andy would always choose family, he said: “It’ll be very blissful to be my wife.” Andy who is always all smile in the media revealed that actually he does not have a good temper, “I also have my temper, maybe only I lose my temper most of the time at home.”

Andy exclaimed that he’s scared of children got exposed to mobile phones and computers at an early age, he said: “I’m always thinking, if a child start to play with mobile phones at the age of 1 or 2, would it follow the ET and fingers grow very long?”


During the promotion of Firestorm, Andy once wore an army down-filled coat to walk down the red carpet and netizens sang praise that he made an army down-filled coat fashionable and nicknamed him “down-filled coat brother”, this resulted in people rushing to buy the same design coat, it sell so well that it’s out of stock in online store websites. Andy brought and wore an army down-filled coat at the seminar, walked round the stage before giving it away to a female student doing charity work at the poor children living in hill areas which touched the audience.


The compere did prepared a rabbit soft toy and asked Andy to throw off from the stage as a present to the audience, but instead he walked toward the audience and passed it to a certain audience, he explained: “When I first held a concert, it cost a fan’s life when trying to catch my present, thus I refuse to do this.”


Andy also share with the audience the firestorm in his life, saying that he became a boss at a young age and encounter many failures in the end. “I became a boss in 1991 and started shooting films, at that time I felt that I knew all the things, but in the end found out that I an not an entrepreneur, thus I lost around HK$40 millions, that’s the toughest period of my life, till 2000 people felt that I was very hardworking, actually in those 4 years, all the money earned from movies are used to clear my debts, then I learn how to shoot a film and linking it with the market.” Andy then congratulate Lei Jun and quipped: “If I met Lei Jun in 1990, maybe I would not have try to start a business.” He also expressed: “If anyone who really want to shoot a film, you can come and look for me, if you want to start a business, approach Lei Jun.”


When the compere asked when Andy would be retiring, Andy quipped: “The day when my company got listed, then I’ll retire.”

news and photos from:, Apple Daily News, Skypost, Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao

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