Andy breaks exception as he revealed he personally took care of his daughter for 3 months

On 9 December 2013, Andy Lau was guest at CCTV-1 variety programme VOICE. In it, other than sharing the successes and failures with youngsters, he also talked about his family life which he seldom talks about, he revealed that he had been taking care of his daughter by himself for 3 months after she was born.


At the start of the programme, Andy made everybody laugh when he introduce himself: “Hello everybody, I’m the person who does not eat, sleep and could live to 52 years old just by breathing, Andy Lau who was immortalize by the media!” One audience asked: “You’re so perfect, does you have any demerits? Similar to normal people like us who would make mistakes due to carelessness?” Andy replied: “I can also be careless, I forgot to tell everybody after I got married.” From his love relationship with Carol Chu till they got married and borne a daughter, out of protecting his family, he always avoided such questions from the reporters, but when recording VOICE, he made an exception by talking about his wife and daughter as he openly revealed details of him taking care of his daughter.


Andy revealed that when his wife gave birth to their daughter, for the first 2 weeks of confinement, due to the inexperience of the hired nanny, he pushed away all his work commitments to stay in the hospital to accompany his wife and daughter, along the way learn how to take care of baby. “I took care of my daughter personally for the first 3 months, till my father advise me to let go and return to my work….. I wanted to tell everybody, I’m blissful.”


Andy had always been serious with his work, it’s no exception when comes to recording VOICE. According to the crew member who revealed: “Andy is so hardworking as he had done his homework. He started his preparation numerous days ago as he watched the last 10 episodes of VOICE. As the recording would start at 6pm, his manager had already sent in 4 pages which he personally wrote of what he was going to talk about during the recording at 2pm, and communicating with the director in advance.”


Facing close to 300 youngsters, Andy exclaimed that he had never been so nervous before as before he started to talk, he had preventive inoculation for them: “Today I’m sharing not god Andy Lau, but a human, a real person who would also be nervous if I don’t speak well, if I don’t speak well, please give me some applause and love.”

news and photos from:, Apple Daily News, Ming Pao, Ta Kung Po, Headline Daily