Andy showed off his fatherly side to “god-daughter” in Beijing

With Andy Lau and William Kong as film producer and executive producer, directed by Alan Yuen, starring Andy Lau, Yao Chen, Gordon Lam Ka-tung, Hu Jun and Ray Lui, 3D police thriller Firestorm held its press conference at Beijing yesterday and all the cast was present.


At the press conference, the final version trailer of Firestorm was shown which includes many action scenes and the gun battle in Central.


Child actress Jacqueline Chan who is Andy’s god-daughter in the film was present for the first time to promote the film. On the stage, Andy showed off his fatherly side, other than occasionally touching her, all the while he was holding her hand, such a warmth scene. Andy also kept chatting with her to make her happy. Jacqueline sang praise of Andy being handsome and very professional, even nicknamed him as “Good super hero”, she revealed that during shooting Andy liked to touch his hair. With regards being nicknamed as hero, Andy revealed: “When she was here the first day, I was shooting a scene where I’m being knocked down by a car, after seeing she immediately said: “Impossible, Andy Lau cannot die”, thus in her I’ve an image of ‘da bu shi de xiao qiang’ (a cockroache that won’t get killed).”

After the press conference, Andy was asked if he had became a father thus he collaborate with Jacqueline well, he said: “This is acting, you can’t be saying that I must be a thief in order to act a thief well? She’s very innocent and act naturally, thus the effect is good.” When asked by reporters if after becoming a father he had been watching Mainland China popular variety show Where Papa Go, Andy answered that he likes Guo Tao’s son “Stone”, it seems that he does support the show.


During the film’s premiere at night, all members of the cast dressed formally to walk down the red carpet. Andy appeared with Jacqueline to loud cheers. When being interviewed on the stage, Andy again showed his care and concern for Jacqueline whom admit that she’s the youngest and was here to create atmosphere. When the compere asked Jacqueline how she address Andy, she quipped: “I address him as ‘ge he’ (elder brother),” which Andy sang praise that she’s knowledgeable, and said: “I feel that Jacqueline is pretty and very smart, she know a lot of things, her innocent performance is really not bad, good.”


In addition, Chinese actor Zhang Guoli specially came to support Andy and he expressed that he’s interested to collaborate with Andy and quipped that he does not mind to be his father. When talked about No Man Land which he invested would be screened at the same time as Firestorm, Zhang Guoli quipped that he’s not worried about the box office, he said: “Both Andy and I support each other’s films.”


news and photos from: Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, AM730, Skypost