Gordon accepted to be cast in Firestorm because he can fight against Andy

The first 3D police thriller Firestorm which is directed by Alan Yuen, the cast boast Andy Lau, Yao Chen, Gordon Lam Katung, Hu Jun and Ray Lui became the opening film for the 3rd Screen Singapore. Two days ago, the 2 male leads Andy and Gordon were in Singapore for the press conference at MArina Bay Sands before attending the red carpet ceremony and film’s world premiere at Sentosa Resort World, meeting the fans.


At the press conference, Gordon who spoke poor Mandarin resulted in several laughter thus Andy gave him a hand by becoming his translator, however Gordon revealed that he accepted this film because he got to fight with Andy in Firestorm.

Gordon expressed that when Andy told him about this role which required a lot stamina and training in fighting, he initially though of not accepting it as it would be tough. “But when I asked him who will I be fighting with, and he replied that it’s him, I accepted immediately. Although I need to train for 3 months but I feel that it’s worth it as after 10 years, I finally have the chance to fight with Andy.”

Andy then quipped: “He (Gordon) requested to have bed scenes, it doesn’t matter whether it made into the final cut of the film.” Andy had been an actor for many years, but seldom see him in bed scenes, he quipped: “Initially I have the chance to be cast in Happy Together, but the director did not approach me, I don’t know how to strip, no confidence in bed scenes.”

When asked if his wife worried with all the action scenes in this film, Andy exclaimed that with the current technologies, filming of these action scenes had became very safe, “I’m a forward actor, I’ll do my best for whatever I can do, it’s be the same for now and the future.”


Being the producer and executive producer of the film, Andy quipped that he has no pressure on the box office taking but stressed that the shooting is tougher than a Hollywood film. Andy explained: “Because our budget is not as high as them, if they shoot for 3 months, we had to complete in 1 month, furthermore we need to complete shooting of each explosion scene within 2 attempts, we used a lot of manpower.”

A total of 1600 watched the world premiere at Screen Singapore and won positive remarks. Andy exclaimed that he hope that Firestorm would break the Chinese film box office record in Singapore.

Despite being an international star, it seems that no Singaporean film companies approached him to invest or cast him in their films, maybe to them he’s busy and expensive. Andy exclaimed proudly: “Although I’m expensive but I’m worth it! Actually the film not matter big or small scale, if do not cast me, I can also be the executive producer.” He revealed that before the Golden Horse Film Awards presentation ceremony, he had heard the the judging panel had high regards for Ilo Ilo and he hope to be the distributor for the film in Hong Kong, however the copyright was purchased by other. He said: “Let me tell you, film is not about luck, it requires management, it can’t be done in a day.”

Managing Director and founder of Clover Films, which brought Firestorm into Singapore, Mr Lim Teck revealed that Andy had high interest in Singapore films, it’s not just talking as they had already discussed of collaborating, Lim Teck said: “With his heavenly king price, using his asking fee to invest would be enough.” If Andy is to invest in a Singapore film, he would be also using Singaporean actor and production, if everything goes smoothly, they could collaborate in 2014.

news and photos from: Wei Wen Po, Headline Daily. Macao Daily, Skypost, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, China Press