Andy denied wife pregnant for second time and cried that nobody bring him in for concert

Being the investor, executive producer and male lead of the film Firestorm which will be screened in Malaysia on 12 December, he came to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to promote the 146th film of his acting career. When asked about would he scared of his wife getting worried that he’s doing the large number of difficult action scenes, Andy replied: “Nope,” before raising his voice to say: “They (the reporters) always wanted to shift the topic to there (his family).”


Gordon Lam Katung who was sitting beside immediately answered on his behalf: “Currently the audience has high requirements, hope to see actors do their own stunts, fans of course will get worried of our safety.” Andy then added: “I’m a truthful actor, I will do what I can do, I would not do anything that I could not do, thus no worries of any danger.”

When asked if his wife followed him for this trip and would he seize the chance to visit his relative, Andy said: “I separate my work and private time, I do like to seize the purpose of my work to come back, I won’t seize the chance.” Andy then exclaimed that if he really want to come to Malaysia, he would arrange another time. With regards whether he would come to Malaysia during the Chinese New Year, Andy said: “No, I currently does not have this planning.”


When reporters rectified with Andy on the allegation that his wife is pregnant for the second time, Andy explains: “I’ve said that many times, hope she will be pregnant again, can I answer this way.” When the film company staff wanted to stop the reporters from asking family related questions, Andy said: “No need, there’s nothing that I can’t answer.”

With regards to Gordon’s scenes being cut away by executive producer Andy thus he became support actor, but Andy stressed that he cut away more scenes of himself, he quipped: “This feeling is the same as the executive producer of Infernal Affairs, I don’t dare to cut away scenes of Tony Leung Chiu Wai, only cut away scenes with me and Sammi Cheng.”

Andy exclaimed that he hoped Gordon can win an award with this film as he sing praise of his acting in this film thus he won Best Supporting Actor at Los Angeles Movie Award with Malaysian film Paper Moon, thus he specially tailor this character for Gordon and hope he would win Best Supporting Actor as a present. However Gordon tipped Andy to win Best Actor with this film, but Andy exclaimed: “I’m already a Best Actor, I won it before!”


In addition, when told of Jackie Chan’s CV12 doing very well in Malaysia box office, both of them exclaimed: “Then next time we should collaborate with Jackie Chan.” Andy anticipate Firestorm to break the box office record in Malaysia, Gordon added: “If the box office taking is good, we would come back to celebrate in Malaysia.”


During the meet-the-fans session at the film premiere, fans seize the chance to asked him when he would come to stage a concert in Malaysia, Andy explained: “Nobody wanted to organize my concert in Malaysia! This year wanted to do a 4-sided stage but unsuccessful, hope a one-side stage would be successful next year and people would buy my show! It’s not really that I don’t want to come, nobody wanted me to come! I’m so pitiful!”

news and photos from:, Chinapress