Students in Hong Kong wished to become Andy Lau

Andy Lau who is the public’s choice Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has “won” another accolade, that is the target among Hong Kong students in a survey, 32% ranked him higher than their own parents, despite it sounded funny, but Andy being able to sing and act, has a good personality, he deserved to come on top.


The survey is joint conducted by Tuen Mun Town Plaza and The Hong Kong Institute of Family Education as they conducted survey with 723 students from the age of between 6 and 18 years old. Andy topped the survey, coming second is Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg who’s young and successful, followed by father and mother in third and fourth respectively, meanwhile the late Steve Jobs came in fifth.

When told of the news, Andy thanked the media and friends for helping him create a good image, with regards to him being loved by students between 6 and 18 years old, he relate his way of success: “Must be serious in what you do, don’t compare with others, most importantly is be happy in what you do, this way you will do things well.” He pointed out that his plus point is that he kept learning, and encourage students to learn hard and do well in whatever they do between the age of 6 and 18.

Despite the 50th Golden Horse Film Awards had ended, but several “small stories” came to light, one of the prize presenter Andy Lau’s good deed was revealed.


That night, the film director of To My Dear Granny – Qu Youning wrote on his Facebook page: “I’ll like to tell a story about the Golden Horse Film Awards, delighted that To My Dear Granny was nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Script, hoped that the granny in the film Zhang Xiuyun got her recognition, thus arranged her to walk the red carpet, but was worried that she’s tired, thus after one hour of the ceremony, seizing the commercial break, we arrange to send granny home to rest, the story happened when our assistant held her down the stairs, I helped her halfway and she told me that she could managed on her own, when I’m back to my seat, I noticed that someone seated in the first row spotted granny and decided to help her down the stairs, I teared on the spot…..he is Andy Lau. One superstar but still a role model, thinking for others. In the ceremony, not only I saw charisma, but also generous gesture.”

After the post was published, many netizens like the post.

news and photos from: Headline Daily, Apple Daily News, Skypost