New high viewership ratings for 20th Golden Horse Film Awards

The viewership ratings for the 50th Golden Horse Film Awards presentation ceremony was revealed on 25 November 2013, there was an average ratings of 9.12, around 6.35 million watched the ceremony, creating a new high in 14 years. The moment when Zhang Zhiyi received the Best Actress award received the highest ratings of 13.03, whereas when Lee Kang-sheng collect the Best Actor award and Andy Lau and Maggie Cheung were announced the Best Actress award were second with a rating of 12.75.



When Andy and Maggie were presenting the Best Actress award to Zhang Zhiyi, Andy who was holding to her wrist then passed the award to Maggie to present to Zhang Zhiyi, however Maggie took a step back and unwilling to present the award, thus Andy had to present the award to Zhang Zhiyi alone. Such reaction from Maggie made people wondered if there was any issue between Maggie and Zhang Zhiyi.


After Andy had presented the award to Zhang Zhiyi and hugged her to congratulate her, instead Maggie turned and faced the backstage area. When Zhang Zhiyi was sharing her winning thoughts, Maggie pursed her lips as if she’s unhappy, Andy immediately put his hands on her waist to console her, then they kept whispering to each other and even took out the winner’s card for comparison, which is abnormal. The production team said that they did not arrange this part, they said: “Maybe the prize presenters planned this on their own.”


When Andy was leaving Taiwan, expressed that he did not said anything to Maggie, they only talked about who came for the ceremony. When asked if Maggie was unwilling to present the award to Zhang Zhiyi and if they had issue with one another, Andy quipped: “Nope, we had already decided at the backstage that I’ll be presenting the award, suddenly I passed the award to Maggie which gave her a surprise, don’t think too much.”


Such strange images made one recount the allegation when Maggie and Zhang Zhiyi collaborated in Hero some 11 years ago. It was in 2002 when Zhang Zhiyi accepted to be cast in Zhang Yimou’s Hero, it’s alleged that being good friends with the director, she asked the director to increase her scenes time and she also accidentally injured Maggie during shooting which made Maggie unhappy. Later, Maggie rejecting Memoirs of a Geisha allowed Zhang Zhiyi to gain fame internationally. In 2007, Zhang Zhiyi replaced Maggie as the spokesman for Precious Platinum, she said: “Maggie’s much older than me, she’s cleverer than me, she’s not a person of one generation.”

The average ratings for the red carpet ceremony was 3.53, Andy Lau won the popularity contest as his appearance won a ratings of 6.17.


news and photos from: Chinatimes, Liberty Times, Apple Daily News