Andy and Kevin Tsai cleared up their “rivalry”

50th Golden Horse Films Awards presentation ceremony was held at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall on 23 November 2013, it was the gathering of past Best Actor and Actress winners appeared at the ceremony, it was a star glitterring event which includes Andy Lau, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Shu Qi, Zhang Zhiyi and other superstars. The red carpet ceremony attracted 5000 onlookers.


When Andy arrived at the airport in the afternoon that day, he told reporters: “Today I’m a prize presenter and support Golden Horse Film Awards, hope it get better each day.” When asked when his second child will be born, Andy replied: “Not Yet!”


At the ceremony’s red carpet ceremony, a handsome Andy walked down the carpet with Maggie Cheung, wearing a black Tom Ford tuxedo, immediately attracted loud screams, thus imagine his high popularity. He just stopped walking and put both his hands beside his ears to enjoy the fans’ cheers, worried that fans standing at the back could not took photographs of him, being understanding he kept turning around to wave to the fans.


He said: “I’m not nominated this year, thus not feeling pressurize! Delighted to see old friends, when I saw Maggie Cheung and asked her why she’s so thin, she also asked me back the same question.” He also said modestly: “This year there are other male more handsome than me.”


Andy and Maggie were the prize presenter for the Best Actress, both of them stood on the stage and remained silent for 5 seconds, Andy quipped: “The organizer does not need to give us script, we just need to stand here, then there will be applause.” Indeed, loud applause followed.



In addition, it was always alleged that Andy and compere Kevin Tsai (Tsai Kang-yong) were not on good terms, as it was alleged that the latter crack a joke too far on Andy during the 2003 ceremony resulting to Andy felt that he was being made fun of, thus the “rivalry”. During the ceremony, Kevin denied the allegation and shouted out on the stage: “I love Andy Lau the most”, Andy also let go of his heavenly king status by addressing Kevin, “Yong ge (Brother Yong)” which strongly showed that there was no rivalry between them.


After the 5 hours long ceremony, Andy finally had to chance to pay a visit to his favorite spicy steamboat restaurant. Upon arrival, coincidentally another heavenly king Aaron Kowk just left before him. Close to 2AM, a satisfied Andy left the restaurant to return to his hotel. Despite tired, when he saw the waiting fans at his hotel lobby, he still stop and sign autographs for them.


news and photos from: Apple Daily News., Liberty Times,