Andy denied wife pregnant allegation

3D police thriller Firestorm would be screened in cinemas during the new year holidays, it held its press conference on 19 November where four male leads Andy Lau, Gordon Lam, Michael Wong and Ray Lui made an appearance. Andy revealed that he “fight to satisfaction for 60 minutes” in the film and they reprise the scene of destroying Hong Kong busy area Central. When being asked of his wife’s second pregnancy, he expressed politely: “Not yet, thanks everybody’s concern.”


In Firestorm, Andy who is a police inspector has several scenes with the couple Gordon and Yao Chen. In the earlier press conference, he revealed and complained that he’s involved in car collision and jumping off building scenes but no girlfriend. During the press conference, Andy exclaimed that indeed he had large number of dangerous action scenes in the film and he kept fighting for 60 minutes but he asked everybody to relax as he expressed: “I’m still young, nothing wrong with my stamina, if everybody like and willing to watch, I’ll continue to fight.” This phrase won loud applause.


Recently, there was allegation that his wife is pregnant again, when being asked by reporters, he exclaimed: “Not yet, hopefully it will come true, thanks everybody’s concern.” After answering, he didn’t forget to create comical effect by acting as he’s angry by dashing towards the front of the stage and asked: “Who asked this question?”


In the film, Ray is the BOSS of villain as he’s responsible for “making Firestorm from a police thriller into a disaster film”, he’s unhappy of the “Central jinx” nickname as he quipped that he should be nicknamed “city jinx”. With regards to destroying Central, Ray expressed that it the film he “fired a bullet every one to two seconds” as he estimated to fired thousands of shots. Gordon express that he underwent 3 months of judo training as he had close body contact fighting with Andy.


During the press conference, the film company also released the “war in the city” trailer which showed off gun battles, car chases and explosion scenes, which made people anticipate the film.

Meanwhile, Andy and Gordon will be in Singapore to promote Firestorm on 4 December as the world premiere of Firestorm will be held in Singapore! The Firestorm world premiere is co-organized by Screen Singapore, Clover Films, Golden Village and StarHub Cable Vision, the film would also be the Screen Singapore closing ceremony film.


The lady spokesman of Golden Village revealed that after Andy and Gordon touched down in Singapore, other than the press conference at Marina Bay Sands, they would also walked down the red carpet at Sentosa Resorts World to greet the fans. Due to their tight schedule, no meet the fans gathering is organized, thus for fans whom want to say hello to Andy would have to run around between Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa Resorts World!!

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