Andy ignite “war in the city”

Since the “birth chapter”, earlier the film company of Firestorm released yet another new production video which focus on male lead, film producer and executive producer Andy Lau, while talking about his character in the film, it also showed off the “war in the city” which will be appearing on the silver screen for the first time.


In this special video, the series of action scenes would attract the audience’ attention as it includes explosion resulting from collision of several vehicles, criminals in full battle order, continuous of indoors explosions, Special Duties Unit members in full gear appearing on the streets, there was also Andy falling from high levels, fighting with his fists and legs even carrying heavy weapons, you can sense the “battle mode”.


In actual fact, just like boss William Kong said that Firestorm is a “secret weapon” prepared for the audience: war in the city, as it brought the “indoor model” of gun battle between police and criminals on the “busy streets”, meanwhile the scene was upgrade till it’s like war or disaster film level! Therefore in the film, the normal busy Central was transformed to a modern battle field raining bullets, the excitement level explained by the film director Alan Yuen as: “I made the final battle in Firestorm till the level of ‘war’, the audience will witness the fighting from the start till the end of Central till it’s completely destroyed.”


In order to make this city war exciting and full of visual effect, the crew of Firestorm had put in a lot of effort. It is said that when shooting the scene of the Armored Cash Carrying Vehicle being hanged in mid air, some policemen on the spot mistaken it as a real robbery. With regards to the battle in Central, other than lots of locals and tourist on-looking the shooting, related departments were also very co-operative for the first time as they approved the crew to shoot the film in Hong Kong’s heart. Enough said, Firestorm can be considered as the largest scale among all action scenes being shot in Central.


Other than the creative film director, the two bosses didn’t relax, what William Kong did from start till end was to “increase the budget to shoot a better film”, Andy dropped his heavenly king status to risk his life for the stunts, he even took money from his own pocket to try out 3D effect, took out his actor fee to build a 1:1 site of Central, this film can be considered as a huge budget film. From it can be seen, the war in the city of Firestorm is a first among all Chinese police thriller films.


In the city war scene, it would display the human side of the characters. In the eyes of film director Alan, the elite policeman “Lui Ming Chit” played by Andy was a breakthrough. Alan thinks “Lui Ming Chit is fire, can explode anytime, this fire is lacking an ignition point, if ignite it would be unstoppable.” With regards to his hot tempered character, Andy sum it up as “circulating in caught but not punished, thus humanity dilemma is a combination of good and evil, becoming one complicated figure who is “angel” and “demon”, resulting himself in using “illegal methods”, thus Andy had experienced acting challenges that he never experienced before.


From the video, in order for Andy to act out Lui Ming Chit well, he had to use a nervous and serious facial expression in replace of his normal friendly image which is something that Andy had not displayed before on the silver screen.

news and photos from:, skypost, Headline Daily, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao