Alleged that Andy’s wife is 4 months pregnant

52 years old Andy Lau promoted to be a father last year, he has good news this year again! Recently there were reports that his 47 years old wife Carol Chu is already 4 months pregnant, she even accompanied Andy for his concerts in Beijing. From the photographs, her waist became rounder, bloated stomach, looked that she’s pregnant. As Andy had already arranged his work schedule full till the end of the year, thus he had to ask Carol’s younger sister to jet to Hong Kong from Malaysia to accompany his wife. With dragon being the Chinese zodiac of his daughter, next year would be the year of the horse, then it would be ‘long ma jing shen’ (the vigour of a dragon or horse).

The report pointed out that since he fathered a daughter last year, Andy had always hoped for a son to form the Chinese character ‘hao’, the couple continued to seek help from Chinese physician and it was a success. According to insider who revealed that for his concert tour this year, initially Carol was to accompany him throughout the tour, unexpectedly she got pregnant, Andy worried that it would tired her out thus only arranged her to watch the Beijing stop, he even arranged her to stay in a bungalow in Beijing.


Andy did not expect his wife to get pregnant thus the arranged concert tour could not be cancelled, thus he had to seek Carol’s younger sister’s help to come to Hong Kong to accompany and take care of his wife, he also hired a nutritionist for his wife’s diet.


For the safety of mother and baby, Andy did not admit the pregnancy but the look of a 4-months pregnant woman cannot be decieved. Reporters in Hong Kong managed to photograph Carol and her younger sister shopping in Causeway Bay in August, when discovered the presence of reporters, she used her hand to cover her face, the sisters walked 3 streets to meet up with the driver before boarding the car swiftly.

Meanwhile, Andy made a statement via his assistant as he thanked the concern of everybody, his wife is not pregnant.

news and photos from:, Apple Daily News