The birth of Firestorm, Andy above good and evil

With Andy Lau and William Kong as film producer and executive producer, directed by Alan Yuen, starring Andy Lau, Yao Chen, Gordon Lam Ka-tung, Hu Jun and Ray Lui, 3D police thriller Firestorm will hit the cinemas on 12 December 2013. Currently, the film company released it’s first the making of the film video showing off a series of exciting scenes, whereas Andy, William and Alan appeared to narrate how Firestorm came about.


Firestorm has several elements that had moved William: “I and the scriptwriter (Alan Yuen) had collaborated before, thus I’m familiar with his stuffs, thus when he had wrote this script, I felt that a very good police thriller theme had came out.” It can be seen that William tipped the creativity of Firestorm thus he is willing to invest in another police thriller.


Being the other boss, Andy expressed that he’s excited to be able to invest and act in Firestorm, especially how the film is being handled, “Very special, for a newbie film director, this can be considered as a huge attempt.” Meanwhile, Andy also felt that Firestorm is an ambitious film because everybody is working on many impossible things, among them includes the “satisfying” gun battle in Central. Other than that, Andy also revealed that initially that he only want to be part of the production, but later “promotes” to one of the actor. “Initially I never thought of acting in this film, just wish to be executive producer, later the whole production got bigger and bigger (then I act in the film).”

In the video, film director Alan expressed that the film first got an English title of Lost and Found, before coming out with the Chinese title ‘Feng Bao’. He said: “The whole story is talking about lost and redemption.” Worth mentioning, during the shooting of Firestorm, Alan got full control of everything and got many help from Andy and William who added that “Andy got a lot of help in the script.” Meanwhile, Andy expressed that he took his hat off for William’s bravery and commitment, especially in investing to newbie film director, “I only manage to give $5, but he could afford giving $10.”


Other than having a strong cast, heart pumping action scenes and heart-stirring story, Andy also took up the challenge of a complicated character of one “above good and evil” which did not appeared on the silver screen before, no wonder he said in the video: “Two words, surprise, full of surprises.” William expressed: “Nowadays films must exceed the imagination of the audience, he could not guess your stuff, he will then think that it’s good.” Thus, Firestorm is heading towards this direction.

In addition, Malaysian fans mark your calendar, because Andy will be heading to Malaysia on 3 December to promote Firestorm, his 146th film with Gordon Lam Ka-tung. This would be also the one and only meet the fans session of Firestorm in Asia.


news and photos from:, Chinapress