Workaholic Andy risked his life in Firestorm

With Andy Lau and William Kong as film producer and executive producer, directed by Alan Yuen, starring Andy Lau, Yao Chen, Gordon Lam Ka-tung, Hu Jun and Ray Lui, 3D police thriller Firestorm will hit the cinemas on 12 December 2013. In the film, Andy is a police officer who carried heavy weapons doing battles with criminals on the streets, other then personally jumped from over 10 storey high, there was also many car chase and crash scenes.


In a series of released photographs from the film, Andy’s character can be considered to be the toughest policeman in history, as nothing can’t be done by him and endured hardships. There was photograph of Andy trapped inside a wrecked car, then with his face in blood appearing on the streets of Hong Kong, moving towards another wrecked car… this can be considered as Andy giving his most dangerous performance in his 146th film – Firestorm.


With regards to Andy’s workaholic performance, film director Alan Yuen said: “Firestorm is a film where it’s normal scenes shot with the action method and action scenes shot with the normal method, the normal scenes requires the excitement of an action scene, attention catching, whereas action scene require reminiscing of the normal scenes, able to suffer knocks and a taste of explosive and excitement, not losing the story plot. For realistic, allowing audience to have a feeling of being in the scene, Andy did all his action scenes, to make Firestorm perfect, because of this will make his character’s emotion in a line, experiencing and influencing.”


In addition, Alan added: “Andy has many action scenes in Firestorm, including one jumping off from 10 storey high, there is also a car crash scene, we really took our hats off for his total involvement and professionalism.”


Other than Andy’s workaholic performance in Firestorm, there is also a strong production team. All the action scenes were coordinated by Chin Ka-lok who is the action director in Cold War and Best Action Choreography winner for Motorway.


news and photos from:, Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao, Ming Pao, Headline Daily, Liberty Times