Andy used director to squash “father” allegation

Directed by Alan Yuen, starring Andy Lau, Yao Chen, Gordon Lam Ka-tung and Hu Jun, 3D police thriller Firestorm held its press conference in Beijing yesterday, this is also the first gathering of the production team. They revealed the character film poster and introduces their characters in the film. Andy also leaded them to hit the drum together as they vows not to disappoint the audience and bringing the best film to the audience.


The film has many action scenes, Andy personally shoot most of the dangerous scenes without body double, Gordon exclaimed that he underwent training for the action scenes.


Gordon expressed that he feel wronged as he said that Andy kept creating trouble for him in the film, stopping him to become the good guy. Yao Chen also said bad things of Andy as he kept trying to separate her and Gordon in the film. Andy explained: “I’m a policeman in many films, but only in Firestorm that I’m being knocked here and there by cars, also fight in the air before falling onto the ground, but I don’t have a girlfriend but Gordon has! Their relationship was not good in the first place, it’s not my fault! Next time, the script will have me and Gordon in a love relationship, then you (Yao Chen) will try to break us up!”


It’s reported that Andy and Gordon were not on good terms after this film, it’s alleged that Andy used the male lead of this film to lurk Gordon into renewing his contract with his company, but after editing he seems like a supporting actor, thus alleged that they are not on good terms. Gordon had explained the allegation one day earlier when he attended a film seminar where he stressed that he’s one of the male lead, but standing beside Andy will make everyone misunderstood him as a supporting actor, he does not feel that his scenes were being cut away. With regards to him switching to another company, he revealed that he got encouragement from Andy, he said: “Andy treated me well, those reports are unfair to him!”


Yao Chen revealed that when shooting the scene where she was told by Gordon that she’s pregnant, in real life she’s really pregnant but just that she did not realize, she quipped that the film director can become a prophet. Andy quipped at the director: “Everyday there’s report that I’m going to be a father for the second time, did you write them?” Director Alan admitted that he wrote them, Andy immediately denied: “You made up all the reports!” The audience burst into laughter.


Meanwhile, Eric Tsang had resigned as the chairman of Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, it was alleged that the outspoken Anthony Wong Chau-Sang will take over the chairman role, but it seems that there are different views from within the guild as several members suggest Andy or Jacky Cheung to take over. In addition, Andy recorded a video clip and was broadcast at the HKTV staff protest showing his support, when the clip was shown, people were calling him Chief Executive Lau. When asked about these during the press conference, Andy replied: “We won’t be discussing anything outside this film.”

news and photos from: Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao News, Headline Daily, Metro Daily, Sky post, Apple Daily News,, Macao Daily