Andy celebrate his fan’s birthday during Nanjing concert

ALways Andy Lau Concert China Tour 2013 was held in Nanjing a few days ago, Andy Lau sang many of his classic songs, he spent RMB$80,000 on the 4-sided stage as all audience in the venue would get a chance to get near to their idol.


Just when Andy shouted out: “How are you Nanjing, here I come!” when he made an entrance, the audience all screamed: “Wa Zai!” in return. It is said that Andy sang many of his classic songs, as there was no special performing guest, thus he sang for 3 hours till he was drenched in sweat and voice became hoarse.

In between, Andy showed off his abs muscles, close body contact dance with female dancers, walked to the mini-stage as he raised into the sky to close his gap with those audience seated at the top, giving many surprises to the fans.


That night, Andy also did a touching request for a fan, because one fan wrote on his weibo before the concert, he wanted to gave his wife a surprise on her birthday and bought the concert tickets for her, he hope that Andy could wish his wife a happy birthday, unexpectedly Andy knew of this request and mentioned it during the concert, he even lead the audience to sing a birthday song together. When this incident being spread in the Internet, many netizens sang praise of Andy’s love for his fans.

Mainland China is suffering a serious problems of counterfeit tickets, when crew members checked the tickets, large quantity of counterfeit tickets were discovered, many of them were the RMB$580 priced tickets. Those who are unable to enter the venue to watch the concert had reported to the police as they hope that the ticket scalpers will be caught.

The fans holding to counterfeit tickets complained: “My $200 ticket is a counterfeit ticket!”, “I spent $500 on the counterfeit tickets!” Hundreds of fans bought counterfeit tickets, they claimed that the counterfeit tickets looked genuine as the bar code on the tickets can be scanned.

news and photos from: Apple Daily News, Skypost, World Journal