Andy betrayed himself for Cartier watches

Cartier held its first Watches & Wonders in Hong Kong on 25 September 2013 to promote its Tank MC wrist watches. Tank MC wrist watches is the latest series from the brand’s classic Tank series, from the watch’s outlook design will showed off the series’ classic chassis and elegant look, the watch surface measures 44mm x 34.3 mm, the side of the watch’s chassis will have the brand new curved design, the overall presentation is simple and refine, the internal is installed with Cartier’s first automatic 1904MC caliber.


To celebrate the launch of Tank MC wrist watches, Cartier invited Andy Lau to shoot a 90 seconds commercial as he expressed the brand’s Never Stop idealism which is similar to his life. The commercial can be view on Cartier YouTube channel, and the commercial will also be broadcast on all major TV channels from 26 September. Andy quipped: “It’s like promoting myself, what I’ve being doing for the past 30 years is in it.”

Although Andy and Cartier seldom collaborate, but Andy loved the brand as he revealed that he had several ancient watches in his collection, “Male model I have Tank, female model I have Crush”, but after his apartment being robbed once which 40 watches were stolen, he seldom buy watch nowadays, he said: “I focus on the watch’s aura, love watches with essential, it’s representing one’s feeling and overall characteristic.”

Inheritance is also the reason why he loved watches, “My father once gave me a watch that he wore for 60 years, it’s inheritance, of course I also hope that I could passed to my children, currently I have one daughter, never hide up (referring to other children), but in future is uncertain, depend on affinity. In addition, I will leave all my calligraphy works to her, believed in future it can be used for charity purposes, will leave everything for her!”


27 September would be his 52nd birthday, Andy expressed that he would spend the day with his family. At the event, the organizer arranged a surprise birthday party for him and hundreds of people sang birthday song for him. The organizer arranged a giant 6 levels birthday cake, the audience cheered and shook hands with him, they shouted blessing like “Healthy”, “More and more handsome”, “Add another member to the family”, a delighted Andy burst into laughter and accepted all blessings, but never forget to add on to the blessing regarding adding another member to the family by saying: “Really never expected to receive this birthday presents, thanks everybody! I accept all blessings, let nature take its course, thanks everybody!”


Cartier also gave him a watch as birthday present and Andy took photographs with Cartier’s CEO Mr. Stanislas de Quercize. In return Andy wrote a Chinese calligraphy for Mr. Stanislas de Quercize. Andy quipped that many of his former girlfriends wore Cartier watches, hinted that he’s fan of this brand for many years. He said: “Before 40 years old, I spend a lot of money on Cartier, many of my former girlfriends love them!”



With regards to TVB being fined HK$900,000 fine for imposing unreasonable contract terms on actors and singers abusing its dominant position in the market to prevent competition, Andy thinks that the market need to have a new system because broadcasting and production in other countries are very clear but it’s different in Hong Kong. Andy used Louis Koo who quoted by media for his poor Mandarin as example: “Foreign countries seldom gave contracts to their artistes, it’s turn for Hong Kong to change, if not some people would be laughed at poor Mandarin during interview. Of course I don’t have an issue with this, but after seeing Louis being interviewed recently, found out that he has vast improvement in his Mandarin, he’s OK now during interviews.”



news and photos from: Apple Daily News, Skypost, Headline Daily, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Macao Daily, Oriental Daily