Andy’s charisma won over Typhoon Usagi, concert tickets sold out within 2 hours

ALways Andy Lau Concert World Tour 2013 will be held at Taipei Arena on 28 and 29 December 2013, the tickets were on sale on 21 September’s morning at 10am at FamilyMart stores, despite the bad weather, the heavenly king’s charisma still won over the danger of Typhoon Usagi, minus the 1000 tickets for advance credit card bookings, a total of 20,4000 tickets for the two shows were sold out within 83 minutes, thus tickets were sold out at 11:23am, Internet sales were supposed to start at 12pm but due to the tickets sold out, Internet sales was called off which made those waiting to purchase their tickets off the Internet shocked.


Those who did not managed to buy any ticket were hopeful of additional shows, but Andy’s management company in Taiwan expressed: “No plans for additional shows.” With regards to this, the NT$4800 tickets were put on sale to a price as high as NT$7500.

It has since 5 years that Andy came to Taiwan for a concert, thus many wanted to buy the concert tickets. It was earlier alleged that fans brought NT$100,000 in cash to buy tickets, followed by a commission of NT$1500 offered for each ticket bought on their behalf.


However, fans still complained that who was first in the queue whom managed to select the ticket at 10:03am found out that the NT$5500 good seats ticket for the 28 December show was already being sold out. The organizer explained: “Most importantly tickets went on sale at 10am, all ticket booths opened at the same time with thousands queued number 1, every one could purchase 4 tickets, thus sold out fast.”

Severe Typhoon Usagi barrelled towards Hong Kong, it was announced that flights will be stopped at 6pm, thus artistes going overseas to work took an earlier flight to leave Hong Kong. Thus, it was a star stubbed at the airport with Andy Lau, Cherie Chung, Raymond Wong and Chrissie Chau spotted at the airport.


When Andy appeared at the airport to fly to Beijing, around 20 fans were there to send him off resulting a small commotion. When asked if he’s worried that the typhoon would affect his work schedule, Andy did not answer instead he urged them to be careful on their way home as the typhoon was coming. Several tourists managed to recognize him and approached him for autographs and photographs.


When leaving, Andy accommodate the custom officers instruction as he took off his sunglasses.

news and photos from: Apple Daily News, China Times,, Macao Daily, Headline Daily, Ming Pao