Andy touched when fans celebrated his birthday in Shanghai concert

Four nights of ALways Andy Lau Concert China World Tour 2013 Shanghai stop successfully completed two nights ago, the audience was enthusiastic as they kept shouting: “Andy Lau, I Love You.” As 27 September being Andy’s birthday, the millions of fans sang birthday song to celebrate for him in advance, it was a touching scene.





It’s not know if being a father he had cried for 4 nights but ever-hardworking Andy still stood 40 feet tall off the stage without any safety net beneath to sing, the fans were sweating for him.


Without any safety belt, Andy raised from the stage to a height of 40 feet tall to sing, the night’s atmosphere being pushed to new heights when some fans suddenly sang birthday song and he suggest to all audience to sing the birthday song to send their greetings for his 52th birthday.



After singing ‘Tian Yi’, Andy was touched as he kneel on the floor to thanks those people whom had helped him all these years since he entered showbiz. When talked about the dream he had since young, he choked and teared and almost could not continue. He cleared his throat twice before resume back to normal.


In between, Andy showed off his 6 abdominal muscles and had hot dance with female dancers as the fans reacted with screams. In order to close the gap with the audience seated on the top, Andy was on a mini stage which was raised to 70 feet above the stage as he made one round the stage, upon seeing him shaking on the high height, it does look dangerous.


Andy did cut his birthday cake at the post-concert celebration dinner, having cried for 4 nights Andy also did not know why he kept crying, he said: “I would always be influence by this segment every night, in the past managers told artist to keep a distance from fans, I don’t agree with it, I feel that at 70 years old and still could be like Petrina Fung Bo-Bo and Connie Chan Po-chu whom had close relationship with fans, the late Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung also can do that.”


When asked whether that he became a father thus he kept crying, he said: “Just felt that my age is there, why act tough.” He revealed that no matter how busy he would return to Hong Kong to accompany his daughter every week instead of depending on video chat, “Can’t let her used to these technologies, it better for kids to be normal.”


Andy plans not to send her daughter to pre-school before kindergarten as he wants her to grow up happily. It was earlier alleged that he plans to reveal her daughter when she’s 2 years old, with regards to this he sighed: “If only she’s not with me, she can go wherever she wants, let her be happy for 1 more year!” When asked about having another child, he sighed: “Everybody kept asking, I can only answer that we care currently very blissful.”


It was pointed out that standing in a height of 40 feet without any safety belt was dangerous, Andy exclaimed that he was scared of this segment, he revealed: “It feel very shaky standing on it, sang and scared for 4 days.” The mini stage was supported by four 60 feet wire, the whole process was shaky, turning his body need to be careful, initially there was a remote for auto turning but difficult to control might resulted in falling down, then it was changed to pedal, but need to look down, it will be a strange feeling, in the end decided to self control, thus need to be careful when he turned my body. For safety precaution, Andy will have additional barrier in future stops, but there’s no increment in insurance coverage.


With regards to his birthday round the corner, as usual Andy would gave himself birthday holiday, he said: “This time would be troublesome, for a longer period before the next concert stop, could not complete at one go, the next will be at early October, thus I have two weeks of birthday holiday, there wouldn’t be any celebration activity, should be staying in Hong Kong.” The next stops for the tour would be Nanjing, Beijing, Guangzhou, Dalian and Taiwan.


When talked about the sudden divorce of Faye Wong and Li Yapeng, Andy exclaimed that he was shocked when he heard about the news and a bit depressed as he never thought it would be like this, although he was not close friend with her, but he does appreciate Faye as a person. (It’s alleged that Faye wanted to become a nun?) I don’t think so. (Li Yapeng has a third party?) I don’t care about the reason, seeing an artist that I like will feel that it’s a pity, most importantly is she chose a method that she’s happy, just wish that she’s happy. As when I befriend her, I taught her how to play volleyball, in my impression Faye is a young woman, she’s a teenage girl, agree with what Li Yapeng had said that Faye is a high school female student.”


In addition, recently there was 3 Shanghai male whom went plastic surgery to look like him and could become his body double, he quipped: “Oh that’s the reason, those things that I dare not do are very dangerous. (What sort of dangerous movements?) None, I wanted to do a complete muscial. (Do you feel that they looked like you after plastic surgery?) Had not seen them, but among my fans there are 3 fans whose look and voice is similar to me, Johnson Lee Sze-Chit sound like me but don’t look like me.”


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