Andy: “I’ll sing till I’m 80 years old!!!”

ALways Andy Lau World Concert Tour 2013 kicked off in Shanghai two nights ago, the anticipating fans went into crazy mode throughout the night, just by raising his hands Andy could motivate the fans to scream out loud, the result of his tough training was revealed as he kept tearing up his shirt to show off his 6 abdominal muscles, the fans screamed at the top of their voices. In the end, Andy was touched to tears by the enthusiastic fans as he vows to sing till he’s 80 years old.


Wearing an European palace black and white costume, Andy was like a fairytale’s prince charming slowly lowered from the sky, one phrase: “I’m back” made the audience screamed out loud. When he was singing ‘Xie Xie Ni De Ai’, he said: “This is the first concert of this concert tour, hope you can applause to show me some encouragement, because it’s been some time I have a concert.” He then quipped: “I also have a different status now, but I’m still Andy Lau.” Before he finished he’s about to say, the audience gave him a round of loud applause, he continued: “Hope coming to this concert will allow you to release all stress, treat it as a homecoming. Those elderly treat it as watching your son’s concert, youngster treat it as watching your elder brother’s concert, male treat it as watching your own concert, with regards to female will treat it as watching your boyfriend’s concert!”


In between Andy wore a red white long gown and made an appearance in the center of the stage, with strong Chinese flavor he sang ‘Zhen Wo De Feng Cai’. When he was singing ‘Wang Qing Shui’, the audience sang along and he asked: “Do you love me? How much? Really never expected to see everybody’s reaction, it can be seems I did quite well as an artist.” Followed he stood on a raising platform to sing ‘Wo He Wo Zui Zu De Meng’, he continued: “For the past 30 years, I could see those friends whom appeared in my dream since when I’m young, I never woke up from this dream, hope you will always in my dream.” When Andy raise his microphone again, he choked because he teared till he could not continue singing, he could only wipe away his tears with his costume. When the audience shouted: “Andy Lau, I love you!” Andy said: “I don’t want to say anymore, I don’t know what to do if I said too much. I love ypu too! Really love all of you!” After saying, Andy choked again.


After recovered his emotion, Andy went onto the stage again and when he sang ‘Zhong Guo Ren’, platforms around the stage started to raise, a waterfall scene suddenly to appear the center of the stage, with the three words ‘Zhong Guo Ren’ being formed using water, the water kept flowing down onto the surface of the stage, the audience was amazed by the breath-taking view. More to follow, as different water screens and shows followed.



Andy also wore sunglasses to perform Michael Jackson dance, when singing ‘Xing Zhi Ji’, Andy suddenly teared open his white shirt to revealed his 6 abdominal muscles which he trained for 2 months, this drove the fans into crazy mode again. Andy quipped: “Today what you’re seeing that I gave my all, hope I need not work so hard in future. Many people said that this is the last concert before I retire, I’m going to tell you that “it’s impossible”, even though there is no audience, I will still come here to sing.” The audience replied with loud screams and applause.


In the end, Andy stood on a gondola supported by wires and moved along the top of the stage as he said thanks to the audience seated on the top, he sang ‘Shang Hai Tan’ as present for these audience. He then sang ’17 Sui’ for those who had grew up together with him, Andy said: “Today I want to tell every friend, I will sing till I’m 80 years old, hope all of you will still come and see me. Thanks to all those who supported me since I entered showbiz when I’m 17 years old.”


At the end of the concert, Andy sang his last song ‘Ai Ni Yi Wan Nian’ and the word ALways was displayed on the water screen to bid farewell to the fans.


news and photos from: Wei Wen Po, Liberty Times, Apple Daily News, Skypost, Headline Daily, Sing Pao, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao