Andy revealed that he’s henpecked

According to reports in Hong Kong, after becoming a father in May last year, Andy Lau had been secretive of his family movements, his daughter has been a little more than one year old, but still nobody had seen her. Last week, Andy World Club held gathering for two consecutive days to celebrate his birthday in advance. Treating his fans as his “family members”, he updated them on his daughter telling them that she looked exactly like his wife and exclaimed that he’s henpecked, he said: “I’m a father with the least dignity in the world!”

It is said that a total of 5000 fans attended the event, as usual Andy’s parents were present and the birthday party stated at 8pm, but he arrived as early as 12pm to rehearse.


During the gathering, Andy sang a total of six songs to the satisfaction of his “family members”, Luisa Maria Leitão was the compere and there was a segment of Best Actor, out of usual he talked about his wife and daughter, he even shared his “family matters” to the delight of the fans.

When the compere asked what he feared the most, Andy said: “I feared nothing except my wife. After the birth of the baby, the father had became the person with the least dignity in this world, I had to set off at 6am for my concert’s rehearsals, in the past I could still rehearse so more when I reached home, but now when I was preparing to dance, my wife would warm me to rehearse my singing, there will be another shouting: “Wei!! Everyday is the same, can’t watch TV, can only watch those one little, two little, three little Indian…..I had to rehearse (sing) once for her everyday. My daughter was fed milk at 9pm then slept till 5-6am the next day, then I can wear the headphone to watch TV.””


In last year’s gathering, Andy shared with all a photograph of his family holding hands, this year he revealed that he would only consider revealing his daughter’s photograph when she’s two years old.

Meanwhile, the 10th Huading Award which will be held on 7 October at Macao’s Venetian Theatre (ZAiA Theater) where Best Actor and Actress, Best Male Female Compere, Best Director of music videos, films, TV dramas and musical will be presented. The nominees for public figure award were announced yesterday which includes Andy Lau, Lau Ching Wan, Nick Cheung, Shu Qi, Zhang Zhiyi, Wayne Lai, Qin Xiaolu, Eason Chan, Nan Ying.


This year’s Chinese Film Best Actor nominees consisted of all former Best Actor winners which includes Andy Lau, Lau Ching Wan and Nick Cheung, the youngest being Nicholas Tse.

news and photos from:, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News