47 years old Carol to take risk for second child

Andy Lau and Carol Chu had been married for 5 years, last year 46-years-old Carol took advanced maternal age risk and gave birth to a daughter who is 15 months old which Andy enjoyed family bliss.


In May this year, it was alleged that Andy wanted another child, 47-years-old Carol loved her husband so much as she is willing to take advanced maternal age risk again for a second child, other than followed Andy for Buddha praying, last week she was spotted at Causeway Bay visiting a celebrity Chinese physician for secret body nursing formula.


Carol was accompanied by 3 bodyguards as they arrived at Causeway Bay in a white 7-seater vehicle. Carol spotting a ponytail was wearing a white top with khaki pants, without makeup nor wearing any accessories, she appeared to have put on weight but still looked delicate and pretty.


They walked into the medical hall and Carol walked straight into the room to see Hong Kong celebrity Chinese physician Zhuang Chunjie.



After 15 minutes of consultation, she packet a big bag of Chinese medicine and made an exit, protected by bodyguards.


The four of them kept a low profile and did not stirred any attention.


Zhuang Chunjie is Andy’s Chinese physician, Eason Chan and Joey Yung are also his loyal customers, it’s alleged that he once prescribed medicines for Andy on nursing spleen and stomach, optimize the dynamics parameters activating vital energy and blood circulation effects of rolling manipulation, assisting Andy to “become a father”.


For this trip, Carol went to him seeking formula of nursing her body for preparation of second pregnancy.


When contacted, Andy’s managed expressed no comments.

news and photos from: Apple Daily News, East Weekly