Andy still think of fans despite secluded for rehearsals

Recently Andy Lau had started his rehearsals for the Mainland China concert tour, two days ago he posted a thread titled “secluded” in the forum segment of Andy World Club website as he shared several photos of him rehearsing in the dance room. He urged fans to continue to show him their support during this secluded period by leaving comments.


Andy expressed that the rehearsals had started, from the uploaded photos, he used his hands and legs, together with the production crew which includes music producer Chiu Tsang Hei and dance choreographer discussing the arrangement on stage.


Andy also added that although he’s secluded, but his heart still think of his fans, urging them to continue leave comments, exclaiming that the comments in the “petrol station” is his replenishment, thus asked the fans not to be lazy.

news and photos from: Sing Tao News