Andy given the cold shoulder in commercial shoot

Recently Heavenly King Andy Lau promoted to “King of Heavenly King” as he became the spokesman for OSIM again, for its new product U-Infinity massage chair. In the short commercial, Andy was being given the cold shoulder and also need to act opposite the air, indeed it’s a test for Best Actor “promotion” as computer graphics animation will be used in this commercial, thus Andy had to imagine himself selecting the massage modes. For each position, he would seriously confirm the position with the crew members and was serious during the shoot.


The commercial is also rather comical as the story narrates a fatso seated on the massage chair to enjoy his massage, immediately he transformed into a fit Andy, his wife who was beside went excited after seeing the transformation. Andy quipped that he was addicted in this short comical commercial: “Using the U-Infinity massage chair and will transformed into me, do you believe? You will find out after watching the commercial.” Being the fans of millions, the female lead gave Andy the cold shoulder as she did not take Andy’s offer of hug and instead went to hug the massage chair. When asked if he’s unhappy of such arrangement, Andy quipped: “It’s so comfortable on U-Infinity, if it’s me I would also choose to hug it!” Andy added that he thought of NG a few more times in exchange for more time on the massage chair.


Andy was thankful of everybody’s support, thus he would not relaxed as he would keep fit and maintained his handsome looks, but sighed that it’s not easy to maintain the heavenly king look.


news and photos from: Sing Pao, Macao Daily, Hong Kong Daily, Headline Daily, Sing Tao, Apple Daily News, Skypost