Blind Detective leading the July box office takings

Blind Detective, the first major Chinese film of the summer holidays to be screened in the cinemas, the “golden triangle” of Johnnie to, Sammi Cheng and Andy Lau returned to the silver screen in their best conditions. The film distributor introduced that the box office taking had already exceeded 100 millions after 6 days of screening, leading July’s box office charts. Since first day of screening on 4 July, Blind Detective had been going strong, be it cinemas’ screening slots or daily box office taking which had overtaken Tiny Times, Man of Steel which started screening earlier and Keanu Reeves’s Man of Tai Chi which screened a day later, becoming the day’s box office champion for numerous days.


The film distributor revealed that on the first day of screening, Blind Detective had already collected $17.3 million which exceeded Drug War’s $11.16 million which broke the box office record of director Johnnie To films in Mainland China. Looking at the current box office, the film is likely to exceed Drug War total box office of $147 million, to becoming the highest grossing film directed by Johnnie To in Mainland China. Meanwhile, Blind Detective would also become the first film of Sammi Cheng to exceed 100 million.


In addition, it was announced that 3 Chinese films was nominated for upcoming 18 July’s Korea Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival which includes Blind Detective, Drug War and Bunshinsaba II.

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