Andy felt embarrassed eating in public, sacrifice for promotion

Andy Lau and Mainland China actor Guo Tao promoted Blind Detective in Nanjing yesterday. With regards to the absence of Sammi Cheng and Johnnie To, Andy exclaimed that it felt like good friends missing which disappoint him, he described it as missing a pair of hands. During the press conference, Andy had to eat in front of the audience which he felt embarrassed.


As this was the last stop of promotion for the film, the crew members specially prepared Nanjing delicacies as reward for them. Facing the media to eat delicacies such as boiled salted duck and toasted noodles. Andy suddenly became embarrassed, he said: “Wah! Many people never saw me eating before, now you want me to eat in front of more than 100 people, kinda embarrassed!” Guo Tao then quipped that he was fortunate and felt honor to be able to dine together with Andy. After eating, Andy sang praise of the vegetarian roasted goose and Guo Tao loved the boiled salted duck.

With regards to Guo Tao’s performance in the film, Andy sang praise of him: “He easily got into the film, it’s optimising shooting with him.” This delighted Guo Tao which address Andy as heavenly king Lau, “Heavenly King Lau is the Best Actor from Hong Kong that I always wish to collaborate with, never expected director Johnnie To could make my dream came true so fast.”

In addition, Singing When We Are Young held its premiere in Beijing and Andy was absent but he recorded his congratulation greetings in a video clip in which he revealed that he had his first love relationship when he was 15 years old and suffered heartache when he broke off with his girlfriend when he’s 18 years old. He then encouraged director Liu Juan: “Being a newbie, box office is not important, most importantly is able to express the feelings from deep within your heart.”

news and photos from: Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao News, Apple Daily News