Andy and Sammi to love till 80 years old

Blind Detective held its press conference in Beijing on 30 June 2013, Milkyway Image golden group, Johnnie To, Wao Kar-Fai and Yau Nai-hoi together with the cast Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng, Guo Tao and Gao Yuan Yuan attended the event. This is Andy and Sammi’s 7th collaboration, when the media asked them till what age they intended to shoot a romance film, a mischievously expressed that even they collaborated at 80 years old, they could still moved the audience.


Having collaborated in Needing You, Love On a Diet, Yesterday Once More, Andy and Sammi collaborated again in Blind Detective after 10 years. They had been lovers in films for more than 10 years, this being their seventh collaboration, Andy quipped: “No choice, I just love her, but it’s impossible in real life, it can only happens in films.” Sammi expressed that they gel naturally, as if fated to be a couple. When the media asked them what age they intended to continue as couple till, Andy expressed that different age has different type of love, thus even they continued till 80 years old, they could still moved the audience. Sammi thinks that the largest charisma of film is to able to present different things, which includes different age, love, “Anything can happen in films, this is the best part.”


At the premiere, the entourage shared their joy and sorrow of shooting this film. From understanding, Andy is a “blind detective” but other than a super detective, he also loved to eat. However, he expressed that although this seems blissful but also has his own difficulties, “Actually I also don’t understand why the scriptwriter wanted to design me to loved to eat so much, there is one scene that I can’t forget, the scene that after both me and Sammi slapped each other, we went to a roadside stall to ear chicken feet, we ate for 3 hours. If we are too full, we had to vomit out to clear our stomach and eat again, thus we vomit and eat at the same time, thus we feel like vomitting upon seeing chicken feet.”


The scene that gave Sammi the deepest impression is when Andy speeding at mountain road, she recalled: “It was really very dangerous, we almost crashed through the wall and dropped into the drain, below are all deep mountains. Really scared out of sorts by him.” Another incident she can’t forget, “When we almost had a car accident then I realized that Andy is good in English, because he was controlling the steering and was repeating ‘shit’.” When talked about this incident, Andy said: “I had not drove a car for 18 years, never expected the horsepower to be so high, I almost drove us down the hills, I became nervous and shouted shit, I guess I could be an American in my previous life, if not I would not have spoke English in such a critical moment. Sammi almost broke down, she even spoke English vulgarities.”


Andy always acted cute in the film, the promotion then used a catch phrase of “Not scared you’re blind, but scared of you act cute.” With regards to this, Andy explained that at the beginning is a serious “blind detective” but Johnnie told me to be more exaggerated, thus became more cute till the current state.


In addition, as Andy and Sammi’s characters in the film were dubbed, audience whom watched the film feedback that the dubbed effect is not ideal, Andy exclaimed that they did tried dubbed their own character, but the film company feel that our Cantonese are different from the other actors, thus decided to asked others for the dubbing, “We had done our best, but this is the final decision from the film company.”


news and photos from:, Apple Daily News