Andy think of Andox and Box at filming set

Andy Lau is currently location shooting for Di Ren Jie in Hengdian. Despite the tight filming schedule and huge work load, but it does not affect “tie ren” Andy to spend some time to think of his 2 “sons” Andox and Box. At the set, the only way for Andy to de-stress is to talk about his sons with other crew members whenever he see them, he also share with them how to become a good “mother” as he already have 2 years of experience.

On the day the reporter interview Andy, he had just completed shooting a scene with Li Bingbing, he appeared tired but still talked about Andox and Box with the reporter. As Andox and Box had been constantly appearing in TV shows in Mainland China, Andy expressed that he was delighted of their improvement: “They’re really great, they have some many assignments within one month, I really didn’t expected it, I think this month allowed them to experience the hardship of being an artiste.” Andy used his personal experience to encourage them, he said: “The shooting for Di Ren Jie is tough, the hot temperature and overnight shooting is a challenge to me, however in order to make an outstanding movie, such difficulties is nothing.”

With regards to the tight schedules of his sons, Andy does not worry as he says: “They have a tight schedule? They still have time to practice music?” After releasing a single – Zhong Guo Niu, they did not release a new song, Andy suggest to his sons: “They should venture into the music scene and get some results.” Andy added: “You must love your children, don’t over sing praise during encouragement, when spotted a problem, must immediately ask for correction.”

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