Andy and Sammi cannot forget slapping each other in Blind Detective

Following Needing You, Love On a Diet, Yesterday Once More, Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng collaborated again in Blind Detective after 10 years. Two days ago (26 June 2013), they went to Singapore for the press conference of Blind Detective.


Switch was once screened in cinemas earlier and attracted only negative remarks, Andy once explained that he over expected his foresight. He revealed: “I’m more used to films rated 2 stars, most of my films are rated 2 stars.” Andy expressed that criticism is not an issue, most importantly is people giving him their sincere opinion which will allow him to do better in future. He added: “Giving 5 stars to Blind Detective would make me proud, 4.5 stars would be enough.”

With regards to whether the collaboration of Johnnie To, Andy and Sammi would bring box office guarantee? Andy asked Sammi who was beside him: “Do you dare say this?” Sammi smiled and replied: “There’s no guarantee in this world!” With regards to such description being an encouragement or pressure, Andy said: “I never thought of this matter, everybody have different understanding of matters, I can accept criticism from anyone, but we need to work hard and present the best, would be fine!”


Sammi was nominated for Best Actress in Hong Kong Films Awards and Taiwan’s Golden Horse Film Awards 4 and 2 times respectively but always went home empty handed, even director Johnnie To scolded Hong Kong Films Awards for “mistreating” Sammi. With regards to this, Sammi expressed: “I think Johnnie is giving me encouragement! Let’s put it this way, maybe I mistreated him, he spent so much effort developing me, I’ll work harder next time!” With regards to anticipation for awards, Sammi expressed: “I does not know why people always feel that I’m nervous about awards, but I never think of it, being nominated is already very good, to be able to shoot good films is considered blissful, depend on affinity for awards!”

Hong Kong experienced action choreographer Lau Kar-leung passed away due respiratory failure due to pneumonia, Andy who had collaborated with him in Drunken Master 3, Andy expressed his condolences: “It’s a pity, he’s a grand master! He once gave me suggestion, he told me that I’m suitable for martial arts film because of my height and need to train harder! He gave me several encouragements, I wanted to thank him, hope everybody will remember director Lau Kar-leung in their hearts!”


In the film, there was a scene when Andy was figuring out how a mystery case happens, Sammi kept scolding him “silly pig” and “stupid”, does it felt “insulted” or both of them get angered easily? Andy expressed that he does not get angry easily whereas Sammi quipped that she “wanted to get angry but does not dare to be angry”. Talking about being insulted, Andy revealed that he once got into wrong positions and was shouted by the crew members: “Don’t run about! Do you know how to act! Underwent training before? Do you want me to hammer a nail on your leg!” Thinking back, Andy feel that this is also a kind of training, being in showbiz for so many years, those who scolded him had “die”!

Andy said that seldom people will scold him, himself Sammi and Lin Chiling got scolded by him, he revealed: “I scolded them, because they wanted to do everything, they’re not afraid of death!”

In the film, Andy needed to use the toilet and mistaking dashed into the bathroom where Sammi was showering, he had no choice but to pee with his back facing Sammi….when asked if they had encountered any similar embarrassing situations? Andy revealed that once he was in toilet peeing, the person standing at the next urinal was delighted to see him and offered his hand for a handshake, but an embarrassed Andy said: “Sorry, I (his hands) are not free.” Sammi quipped that once she went to the toilet and the cubicle door was faulty, after checking that nobody around, she went in and sat on the toilet bowl, suddenly someone pushed open the door to get into the cubicle, she tried to cover with her hands!

In the film, Andy’s girlfriend left him for his “not-so-handsome” friend, Andy does have such experience in real life, he was then still schooling and had a girlfriend for 6 years, unexpectedly his girlfriend choose to be with his good friend, despite being betrayed, he was not angry and gave them his blessing.


Andy who is always kept his family life private but reporters stepped into the “restricted zone” as he was asked if he’s planning for a second child? His wife being Malaysian, considered sending his daughter to Singapore for education? With regards to second child, Andy covered his mouth symbolizing that it’s a secret, whereas about his daughter’s education, he replied firmly: “She must be by my side!”

Being pencil thin, Sammi dressed stylish and manly, she wrote on her weibo that she’s a heavenly queen that looked male and female, when being asked about the two Andys in her heart, Sammi said: “I give Andy 9 marks, the remaining 1 mark would let him slowly improve in the next 60 years.” With regards to how many marks to another Andy (Andy Hui), a shy Sammi replied: “No need to compare with different people.”

Andy kept eating in the film, but he does not like to binge, he revealed: “Shooting the eating scenes are most tough, some times as shooting got longer, some of the food was no longer fresh, but I still have to have an enjoying look!”


Sammi had a crush on Andy in the film, but did not reveal to him. However in real life, did Sammi met someone she like and took the initiative? She expressed: “I might not tell him directly but will find chance to get along with him and date him. I have a shy character.” When asked the possibility of success, she answered: “I did tried but not successful.”

In another interview, Johnnie said that Andy now gave him a feeling that the whole world belong to him, he has a wife, daughter, money thus dare to try everything. When asked whether he agreed to what Johnnie had said, Andy first thanked Johnnie: “All these years, slowly everybody would feel distance away from me, some actors will feel that I’m very far from them, but will be close to them slowly. Johnnie is like my elder brother, hoping that I do well in everything, when someone say bad things about me, he would stand out for me.”

When asked what he will be seeking or trying next, he answered: “Let the current situation continue. I’m happy and blissful currently.”

After the press conference, both of them went for a meet-the-fans session at Plaza Singapura to promote the film, more than 3000 jam packed the shopping mall to catch a glimpse of them!


After the event at the shopping mall, both of them then rushed to Festive Grand Theatre in Resorts World Sentosa for the film’s premiere and both of them were delighted to see 1600 audience in the theatre which almost equal the 1668 audience in the Hong Kong premiere, they was surprised that there was such a venue in Singapore that could accommodate so many audience to watch a film at the same time.


The compere then asked Andy and Sammi for their most unforgettable scene in the film, and told them she had watched the scene where Andy slapped Sammi and she felt pain for Sammi. Andy expressed: “Actually don’t see me enjoying slapping her with force, actually I’m heart broken, every slap I gave her, it’s more painful than people slapping me.”


Sammi then quipped: “Thus in the end, I return the flavor by giving him a super slap back to Andy. Before shooting starts, Andy had already being slapped by me, if my last slap wasn’t enough strength, we would need to redo and I would have to be slapped 5th times by him again!”

news and photos from: China Press, Ming Pao,, Headline Daily, xinmsn