Blind Detective promotion in Singapore: Andy tipped Sammi to win Best Actress award

Earlier Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng were at Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre for the premiere of their latest film Blind Detective, they were delighted with the good response from the audience. After the Hong Kong premiere, they rushed over to Singapore to continue the promotion of the film. Large group of fans went to the airport to receive them.


Although director Johnnie To did not came to Singapore, but at the press conference in Singapore, Andy and Sammi were excited to share their experience during shooting and the remarks from the Hong Kong audience. Andy said: “After the premiere in Hong Kong, some people told me after they watched the premiere that Sammi really stand a chance to win a Best Actress award with this film.” Sammi was all smile upon hearing and said: “Never thought of becoming a Best Actress winner, putting all my efforts to shoot a good film is enough. Whether the box office taking is good is not under my control, but I’m already very happy to know that everybody like this film!”


Both of them then accommodate the reporters’ request to demonstrate the difficult Tango dance pose which brought the atmosphere of the press conference to new heights.


Andy who is blind in the film, think that it’s quite a huge challenge as in order to do well in this character, other than studied the actions of a blind person, he also need to know what they are thinking as a blind person told him that actually a blind person hope that other people feel that they could see, thus Andy work hard on this direction.


They also attended a meet-the-fans session which attracted thousands of fans which welcome them with camera flashes and screams. Sammi said that their chemistry came naturally and need not spend time to coordinate. Andy quipped that he and Sammi were husband and wife in their three former lives, just now this life and could only be cross generation lovers, Andy then said to Sammi: “In my next life, I will still call Andy Lau and you are still Sammi Cheng, I’ll find you.” These words made all present burst into laughter.


Meanwhile, the film company released a photograph of Andy bumping Sammi who was showering in a bathtub when he was looking for the toilet bowl. With regards to this scene, Andy recalled: “In the film, I drank too much the previous night and thus slept at Sammi’s apartment, when I found out that I was not at my own apartment in the morning, I’m in need to go to the toilet and could not find it, accidentally dashed into the bathroom and almost touched Sammi thus I got hit by her.” Sammi joked: “He can’t see in the film, thus people can understand his actions, if not I would throw the soap at him.”


news and photos from: Headline Daily, Ming Pao,, China Times,