Andy did not give present to wife for 5th wedding anniversary

Blind Detective held a charity premiere at Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre’s Star Hall.


Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng, director Johnnie To, producer War Kar-Fai, scriptwriter Yau Nai-Hoi, several Hong Kong drama actors Philip Keung Ho-Man, Wong Man-Wai, Chun Wong, Mimi Chu, Eileen Yeow, Raymond Tsang, Fun Lo also attended to lend their support. In addition, Mainland China actress Gao Yuan Yuan also came to Hong Kong to attend the premiere.


The film company expressed that with such a strong entourage for the Hong Kong premiere is because of its confidence for the film, “Hope our togetherness will assist in the promotion of Blind Detective.” The collaboration in Blind Detective is their collaboration after Yesterday Once More 10 years ago, which is of huge importance for the “golden triangle” of Andy, Sammi and Johnnie. Andy exclaimed that this performance is “his best in recent years”, whereas Sammi gave herself full marks for her performance for this film.


For this premiere, the film company specially arrange a charity model, the film company introduce that including the ticket sale, a total of HK$800,000 was raised for The Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society Kowloon, the fund will be used on Lok Sin Tong last year launched “nurturance innocence – to assist special needs children plan,” which helps those primary school children with learning disabilities, autism and other symptoms giving them golden period of assessment and treatment, so that they will not because they can not afford the high cost of missed opportunities for early treatment. For such charity purposes of the premiere, everyone of the entourage sang praise of it. Andy exclaimed: “Delighted to be able to do our part in charity in the premiere of Blind Detective, meanwhile hope that other films’ activities would be able to collaborate with charity organizations.”


As 23 June was Andy’s wedding 5th anniversary, he whom seldom talked about his family matters, unexpectedly talked about it. During interviews, when asked if he celebrated his 5th wedding anniversary, initially Andy did not want to talk about it but Sammi started to congratulate him, Andy then quipped: “Yup, I was exposed by everybody, it’s already 5th anniversary.” When asked if the whole family celebrated together, he just kept repeating himself: “Enough! Enough! (Did you cook to celebrate?) Nope, we spent it like normal days.” Andy also added that he did not give any present to his wife.


When talked about the vulgarities that she had to say in the film, Sammi expressed that it does not matter as it’s acting. When asked if she trained for a long time, she quipped: “Don’t think that I’m very innocent, I would hear these when I’m on the streets.” Andy then expressed that during shooting he personally demonstrate to Sammi as he quipped that using movements is better than speaking out.


In recent years, Sammi had been the performing guest for several concerts, when asked when she would stage her concerts, she exclaimed that she would give Andy priority as she does not want to climb ahead of Andy.


With regards to the film, Sammi said that the scene at the abandoned factory where she battle with the murderer left her the deepest impression because the environment was dark and scary, in addition the actor was wearing a white tennis skirt, long messy hair and bare body. When Andy made fun of her that it was not scary at all, Sammi then exclaimed: “You’re blind, of course you’re suppose not to see anything!”


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