Sammi praised Andy: He still have heart have strength!

Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng promoted Blind Detective yesterday at Citywalk in Tsuen Wan, New Territories, and attracted many fans which jam packed the shopping mall. As the film has a scene where both of them had a Tango dance number, they demonstrated the difficult pose which delighted the audience. Sammi then sang praise of Andy “have heart have strength” because being 51-years-old he still have such a strong waist.



When Andy and Sammi made an appearance, they won loud applause from the fans and crowd. At the start of the event, several fans went onto the stage to play games with Andy and Sammi as judges.


Andy seems to be high on emotion as he went to check the relationship of those fans on the stage, when one pair answered that they are friends, Andy quipped: “I also gave the same answer in the past.” He added that those fans whom admitted that they are couples must be fans of Sammi as she’s more public with her love relationships. Andy also came to the rescue for a female fan as he helped bite the rope to release the knot which won loud applause.


One of the games required the fans to imitate the Tango dance number of Andy and Sammi in the film. When the fans failed to do so, both of them had to demonstrate on the spot, it includes the much difficult bend waist movement which won thunderous applause. Andy expressed: “We spent 2 months to train this dance.” The reporters sang praise of Andy’s strong waist and he replied: “Normal.” However, Sammi who was standing beside him made fun of him: “You still have heart have strength!” She expressed that for such difficult dance must have a good partner, because she required the other party to hold onto her.


When talked about newbie film director Liu Juan of Singing When We Are Young being awarded the Jury Special Award which the film was invested by Andy and she also thanked him when receiving the award, he exclaimed: “I was told of this good news and I’m happy for Liu Juan! I feel that this director is very good, but this year’s winners are all females, the males had to work harder. But this film will be screened in the cinema in the same period of Blind Detective, I’m in danger. (Would you become a film director of a film about your biography?) I always wanted to become a film director, thus this year I did not accept any new film offers, let’s see if there’s a chance for me to become film director, but had to wait till I completed my concert before I can start planning!” When asked if he would shoot a teenage film, he quipped: “Although I don’t have youth but it’s hiding within me, thus could not shoot one.”


When talked about the negative feedback of Switch, Andy sighed and said: “We don’t talk about things that had passed, hope everybody will take note of my improvements.”

news and photos from: Macao Daily, Metro Daily, Apple Daily News, Skypost, AM730, Headline Daily, Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao News, Ming Pao