Andy doesn’t want Best Actor award and hope Sammi win Best Actress award

Andy Lau who was currently in Shanghai to attend the opening ceremony of 16th Shanghai International Film Festival and promotion of his film – Blind Detective. He was supposed to board the 9AM flight and expected to touch down around 12PM, unexpectedly due to bad weather, his flight was delayed for 4 hours and only could take off at 1PM, thus he had to cancel the original scheduled job at 2PM. With regards to the flight delay, Andy looked at it as heaven knew he seldom had chance to rest thus specially gave him 6 hours of rest at the airport.


Due to work commitments, Sammi Cheng was unable to attend the red carpet ceremony at the 16th Shanghai International Film Festival thus only Mainland China actor Guo Tao, film director Johnnie To, executive producer Wai Kar-Fai, scriptwriter Yau Nai-Hoi all males made an appearance, the only female accompanying them was Johnnie To’s wife.

Sammi finally could meet up with them for the press conference at Shanghai yesterday where 4000 people jam packed at Shanghai International Finance Center Mall, an excited Johnnie took out a bottle of red wine to drink when being interviewed by the compere. This film is the collaboration of Andy, Sammi and Johnnie after 10 years since their last collaboration in Yesterday Once More. Johnnie exclaimed that the box office takings are not important, most important is their everlasting friendship.


When asked if Andy’s character is similar and looked like him, Johnnie said: “If I’m Andy Lau, I would be rich! When he acted me, I don’t feel that he looked like me but everybody feel that he looked like me. Hope Andy be the film director and I’m the male lead, I don’t do cameo!”

Andy then replied: “For intimate scenes, it would be tough for Johnnie because he need to slim down!”


Johnnie then exclaimed that Sammi’s failure to win any Hong Kong Film Awards resulted him being angry for 10 years, he sang praise her being relaxed when acting comedies. Johnnie tipped Andy and Sammi to vye for Best Actor and Actress award with this film. Andy quipped that he does not hope to win Best Actor award with this film, but hope that Johnnie can win Best Director and Sammi win Best Actress.

When talked about Sammi slapping him in the film, Andy pointed out that nobody dare to hit him like that in his whole life but only Sammi. Whereas Sammi thanked Andy and the director for giving her space to show off her talent as she used coffee to represent their relationship: “If Andy is like coffee, then Johnnie is the milk whereas I’m the sugar.”


Before the interview, the event promoters had remind the media not to ask any sensitive questions, however when talked about the insensitive character of the blind detective, Andy talked about that he do have several demerits in real life and talked about the problems of selecting films, : “I can’t finish talking about my demerits within 20 minutes. Selecting film is my greatest demerit, hahaha.” Although nobody talked about Switch, but Andy took the initiative to make a statement: “I’m the kind of person who looked highly that my vision, think that whatever film will become a good one under me. Will do better next time, sorry.” With regards to after the completion of Switch and he did not try to rescue it, Andy raise up his hands and said: “All these isn’t it a bit late to be making suggestions after the event, I can see it. Everybody had already gave me a good chance.” Johnnie added: “This is the life of Andy Lau, after a few good films he would encounter a bad film.”

The compere asked Andy and Sammi to grade themselves for their performance in Blind Detective, Sammi think she worked hard enough and gave herself 100 marks, whereas Andy gave himself zero marks. The media then asked if it’s due to bad reviews of Switch resulting to giving himself zero mark. Andy explained that giving himself zero mark as he wanted the audience to grade his acting after watching the film, he wanted to give the chance to audience and not denying himself, he stressed: “I’m the one in Switch, whatever I had not done well, it’s my personal matter, it does not concern the crew of Blind Detective and not related to them.”


In addition, it was Father’s Day yesterday, being a father himself Andy was in Shanghai and could not celebrate with his daughter thus he wrote a post on his official website message board, : “Despite working overseas, hope father and this new father like me…thinking would also be sweet! Hehehehe… wish every father a Happy Father’s Day.”

news and photos from: Sing Tao News, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News,, Headline Daily, Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao News