Andy hope to have “bed battles” with Lin Chiling

Andy Lau and Lin Chiling became good friends after collaborating in Switch, they had several action scenes in the film, but there was no intimate scenes. When interviewed Andy expressed that he anticipated to collaborate with Chiling again and have a “bed battle” scene.


Andy and Chiling was interviewed by the media asking about their feelings on shooting Switch. When asked if there was any bed scenes, Andy expressed there was none, when asked if he does not wish to have one, he replied: “Of course! After shooting, hope it would be snipped away!” Andy quipped that although he and Chiling shared a love relationship in the film but did not have any intimate scene. When asked if it was a pity, Andy quipped that it’s not a pity but exclaimed that he would hope to have the chance in future. The reporters pointed out that if it was a film directed by Andy himself, he would have the chance, he quipped: “Maybe we can fight from bunk bed to water bed, a series of bed battles!” With Andy’s words, would Chiling refuse to take the offer. She said: “If Andy said so, how would I dare not to accept!”


Being a sexy goddness, Chiling has many different images in the film, which includes nurse, bald nun and student look which is an eye candy for male audience. Chiling exclaimed that she loved the nun image, she expressed: “Being an ex-model, I had tried many different images, this time feel that the shape of my head looks good, I can also put up less makeup!” Chiling expressed that the nun look took 4-5 hours of makeup, she fell asleep during the makeup and was shocked when she woke up as she could not recognize herself. She revealed that she walked around the temple with her nun look and nobody managed to recognize her.


With regards to Andy’s image, he stressed that he continued his usual practice, but there was quite a number of action scenes. Andy expressed: “I only fought with the Japanese and British in the film, maybe the director does not wish me to hit woman.” He pointed out that the actresses has more fighting scenes and exclaimed that he was beaten up by a woman for the first time. When asked if he feel that it’s tough, Andy stressed that the actresses should find it more tough, he expressed: “I only have 2 fighting scenes, but feel that it’s enough, it’s an enjoyment to be able to collaborate with Chiling!”

When talked about their most unforgettable experience during the shooting, Andy said: “In the film, I was standing at the highest point of Burj Khalifa Tower, more than forty-foot. Actually need not jump initially, but Chiling knew nothing and said that she wanted to jump, being a man there was no reason that I didn’t accompany her!” Chiling then took the chance to say that she believed that Andy is able to protect her, to be able to hug a male and jump together is so romantic. Andy pointed out that there is danger in the jump as after dropping to certain height need to let go but Chiling does not know, Andy quipped: “Chiling was so happy of the jump!” Chiling said: “So scary, I thought that the male will always hold onto the female hand, never knew that he push me away, just one time, would not jump again.”


Chiling whom gave Andy a “love hug” at Golden Horse Film Awards several years ago, she quipped that now they have “love jump” in the film. She added: “Other than liking Andy, now I respected him. His professional experience and opinion, made up my shortcomings, he treat everybody the same.”

With regards to Chiling’s performance, Andy said: “He’s a silly girl, she’s unsure of the action world, everyday will see her does dangerous movements, I can only guide her as a senior.” Chiling explained that she would do those actions when told, she always thought that she could do it, “but I’m afraid of injuring Andy which would be very hard for me to explain.”

Andy sing praise Chiling had improvements in her acting, “She can be a action star in her next film, she could challenge Michelle Yeoh!” Chiling then expressed that she’s not interested in action scenes, “Maybe basics were needed when comes to fighting, I still need time for training.”

With regards to any challenging roles to take up, Andy exclaimed that he had never thought of it and instead let the film director to decide for him, “Like another meaning of Switch is another creative space for Chinese films, thus the meaning of the film is more important than the character.”


RAM Entertainment invited Malaysian media to Hong Kong to interview Andy about Blind Detective. When talked about Asian films, Andy suddenly expressed that he’s interested to work with Malaysian newbie film directors and searching for scripts written by Malaysian. Ah Niu Tan Kheng Seong did approached me before the shooting of Ice Kacang Puppy Love, but then I’ve already invested in A Simple Life, thus have no money.” Then Andy talked about Stanley Law’s Paper Moon which starred Chrissie Chau, Gordon Lam, Chan Kwok Fai and Rynn Lim.

Before Paper Moon was screened in Malaysia, it was invited to Asia Pacific Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival and Hong Kong International Film Festival, it managed to win 4 awards which includes Award of Excellence, Best Actress (Chrissie Chau), Best Supporting Actor (Gordon Lam), and Best Screenplay under the International Feature Film category at Los Angeles Movie Awards in May, it being the first Malaysian film to win overseas film awards. Despite winning awards, the film’s intimate scenes were censored which resulted in poor box office collection.


Andy said: “I did not know if Gordon had told Paper Moon’s film director or filmmakers my opinion, I feel that the film and the script is good, just the editing have some problems, maybe they were rushing to be part of the film festival.” Andy sighed that if he had know about this film earlier, he would immediately inform the director on issues of the editing.

On the other side, Andy revealed that he would start his brand new concert tour in September 2013, but he still could not confirm whether there will be a show in Malaysia. “This year will focus on concerts, there will not be any new music album, Storm will be screened at the end of the year.”

Other than being a blind detective in Blind Detective, he also act opposite a small girl as her father. Andy himself whose daughter is one year old, when reporter asked if he’s a strict or loving father in real life, he paused for a while and said: “I does not know yet!” Would you apply punishment or love education? “Never thought of it!” Would you hit your daughter if she made mistakes? “I don’t know.”

Andy pointed out that Blind Detective is sending out a message of putting down your stubborn and live as yourself, but he think he’s not that good in real life, “It depends on what things happens, I need to have direction in life and attitude. Work is work, life is life.”

Director Johnnie To had sing praise of this collaboration with Andy being the most natural. Andy thanked director To for finding out his craziness, “Initially I find it hard to adapt to this kind of craziness, exaggerating acting, but the director, scriptwriter and crew members all sing praise of me being natural, thus my confidence increased.”

Despite his performance being praised, but Andy does not think too much or have high hopes on winning Best Actor award for this film. This film being the 7th collaboration between him and Sammi Cheng, he quipped that they still have freshness. It was pointed out that both Johnnie and Andy were using this film to promote Sammi whom had lose out on Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress award on several time, Andy did not gave a direct answer: “Both our performance cannot be done by another actors. I would not accept this film without Sammi, likewise Sammi would not accept this film if it’s without me.”

news and photos from: Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, ChinaPress,