Andy and Chiling demonstrated the “love hug” again

The Hong Kong premiere of Switch was held at Kwun Tong’s apm mall on 10 June 2013, Andy Lau and Lin Chiling attended the event as it attracted thousands of fans whom jam packed the shopping mall. The appearance of Andy and Chiling immediately raised the “temperature” of the mall as the fans kept screaming.


Sexy Taiwanese goddness whom wore a black translucent dress with laces on the side, showing off another kind of sexy. Both of them also demonstrated the “love hug” which made everybody excited.


In the film, Chiling had several looks, she sing praise and loved the nun look as it was refreshing. When talked about Mainland China version being 40 minutes longer with Hong Kong and Taiwan version of the film, in which the SM scene of Chiling wearing a bust revealing outfit hitting Tong Dawei with a whip was snipped away, thus the Mainland China version looked more attracting. Chiling stressed that the Hong Kong version was more detailed, despite some scenes being snipped, she urged all to watch the Hong Kong version before watching the Mainland China version. As the film had already being screened in Mainland China and managed to have a box office collection of 50 million, being the male lead, Andy thanked everybody’s support. Andy quipped: “Everybody did our best, I hope that we can improve further in future!”


When talked about the recent trend of Mainland China with box office collections of hundreds of millions, Andy expressed that he dare not think much and stressed that he only hope to take one step at a time. So Young which was directed by Zhao Wei had done very well in box office collection in Mainland China, Andy sing praise of the film, he said: “The film has a strong story, very realistic, of course it’s better, commercialize film has more pressure!”


In addition, Andy and Chiling demonstrated the “love hug” in-front thousands, Andy exclaimed that they demonstrated once during an interview but exposed that they hugged many times in the film but quipped that hugging in-front of thousands was too much for him. Chiling also quipped: “I’m shy as I need to hug in-front of so many fans!”, she immediately apologize to the fans!


When talked about that hug in Golden Horse Film Awards a few years ago, Andy expressed that he felt that Chiling gave him the cold shoulder, he expressed: “I was waiting for her to hug me, I opened my hands for more than 10 seconds, but no action from her, had no choice but to lower my hands, felt neglected.” Chiling immediately explained that then there was too much fans of Andy thus was afraid. Andy then said: “She has more guts now.” When asked what he felt of hugging the beauty in a “love hug”? Andy said: “We hugged too many times in the film, but still have quite a big impact.”


news and photos from: Wei Wen Po, Sing Tao, Ming Pao, Apple Daily News, Macao Daily, Liberty Times,