Negative feedback but Switch still earns a box office of ¥46 million

Switch which starred Andy Lau and Lin Chiling opened in Mainland China cinemas and managed to have a total box office collection of RMB ¥46 million, became the day’s box office champion. According to film distributor’s calculation, there were a total of more than 20,000 screenings, 37% among all screenings. On the first day of screening, many areas was raining, the film distributor was worried that the weather would affect the enthusiasm of movie goers but they still brave the rain to show their support for the film. Cinemas in Beijing, Guangzhou and Changsha increase the screening slots for the film.


However the box office did not tally with the audience reviews. Selling the film with a big cast, location shooting in different countries and a 3-years to produce this 3D secret agent film, in the end it was criticized as to challenge the bottom line of lousy films, some audience wanted a refund, some quipped to request for mental damage compensation, there are majority of negative feedback.


There are many reviews and feedback on the Internet about the film – Switch, some pointed out that other than the scenery are attractive, there was no story at all, many commercials are planted in the film, “It’s not film slotted with commercials but commercials being slotted into the film.” Some pointed out that all elements can be found in the film, touted the film as “god of film” as it includes horror, comedy, action, sci-fiction and treasure hunting, there’s SM, motherly love before being added with magic, acrobatic, it’s a mess, the characters has messy relationships. One netizen said: “Lin Chiling suddenly appear than disappear. Andy Lau appeared then went missing! Zhang Jingchu suddenly became superwoman, suddenly they cried, the audience laughed. The fighting was high tempo, the audience was shaken as they burst into laughter!” However, few of the audience sang praise that the film is like watching a beauty pageant, beauties in different images and view of their cleavage.


When Andy and Chiling attended the Hong Kong premiere yesterday, Andy gave a high EQ answer: “I’m mentally prepared, it doesn’t matter if everyone feel that it’s a lousy film, it represent that we need to learn and improve the next time round, nobody will be successful in their first attempt.” Chiling hoped that everybody should throw away this idea and happily go to watch the film.

Andy added: “We had did our best, no choice, those negative stuffs is the direction that we’ll be working on.” He exclaimed that Chinese huge production film are not tipped to do well, thus decided to do it, “It’s impossible to race and win against the black skinned people on the first day, but we at least need to start,” it can be seen that he had a desire not to lose to Hollywood film. Lin Chiling also agrees, “There will always be people criticizing, it’s just the beginning for Asian 007, hope everybody will happily watch the film.” When asked why of the 24 images of Chiling in the film, Andy answered: “Of course the one when she’s in the bathtub.”

news and photos from: Ming Pao, Apple Daily News Taiwan,,