Andox and Box giving away presents on Children’s Day

Andy Lau’s “sons” Andox and Box kept bringing surprises to audience, on June 1 International Children’s Day, Andox and Box once again bring new surprises.

In Andox’s blog, he quipped that he and Box would go on strike on June 1 International Children’s Day as they would be going around to collect presents. Andox and Box whom have great affinity with their fans did not forget the fans as they released good news that the fans would have the chance of winning their figure and mobile phone accessories.

In his blog, Andox showed off his commercial talent as he promotes his own presents as he’s waiting for companies to approach him to be their endorsers.

According to their management company, there are already several companies looking at Andox and Box to be their endorsers, there is one well-known electronic product company in Mainland China loved their high technology, fashion and advance presentation, as it hope to products using their image, details are still being discussed, it’s believed in the near future, we would be able to purchase original products of Andox and Box in Mainland China!

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