Andy wanted to direct a comedy

4 June 2013, Andy Lau and Zhang Jingchu attended Switch held its press conference and sculptures donation ceremony at Zhejiang Art Museum. At the press conference, Andy expressed that he had deep impression of Hanzhou’s Xixi National Wetland Park and Impressions of the West Lake, he also quipped that he loved both female leads Zhang Jingchu and Lin Chiling.

It had been 2 years since Andy came to Hanzhou, he was delighted to be able to be in Hanzhou, thinking back he once tour the Wetland Park. He said: “The Wetland Park is very beautiful, also like Impressions of the West Lake.”


Talking about the Wetland Park, as per required on the script, Zhang Jingchu slapped Andy but was mistaken by the compere that “Zhang Jingchu got hit”, Andy then explained: “How would I hit her, there’s even not enough time for me to love her.” Zhang Jingchu remembers the slap of love and hate, “He (Andy) went missing suddenly, I thought he’s dead, after a few years he’s alive and appear in front of me.” Andy and Zhang Jingchu are husband and wife in the film. As Andy’s wife, Zhang Jingchu kept getting jealous in the film, “Other than Lin Chiling, there are 12 other women!” Andy can only admit: “I’m a playboy! There are 2 triangle relationships!”

When asked by media reporters between Zhang Jingchu and Lin Chiling, whom he prefer, he quipped: “I like both, love different woman at different environment.”


The film is about searching and protecting national treasure painting Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, after shooting the film for so long, Andy has some understanding of the drawing, “Look at Huang Gongwang, he’s a righteous person, but cannot become a government official. This painting is about 700 years old, look at it, you can imagine the life of Huang Gongwang, walking around here slowly and observing, out came this painting.” So does Andy looked forward to such a subdued lifestyle? Andy answered immediately: “No, I’m not as pathetic as him!” Zhang Jingchu was giggling and quipped: “So you can be a government official if you want to!” Andy immediately changed his tone: “I don’t want to be a government official, but I’m not bad as I have righteous recognition all these years, I’m better off living among the crowd!”

Actually before the film started shooting, Andy was offered to be the director of this film but he rejected the offer, “I wanted to help newbie film director! I’m in the first film of many newbie film director!” He explained that the film wanted to finish shooting within 9 months which Andy thought that it’s impossible. “I never thought that we took 3 years to complete shooting the film, no choice, Jay Sun is the boss!”


All actors dream to become a film director, Andy exclaimed that he had been looking for a script all these years, “I love comedies, I have my own way when comes to comedies.” Andy went excited and said: “I have been writing a story for a long time, it’s about a love story between a career woman and a hairy man! It should be great! There are a lot of conditions when comes to love nowadays, car, house, I wanted to look into how love between man and woman will be without these conditions.” He roughly narrates the story, “One woman suddenly landed on a deserted island, then she met a caveman, there will be scenes of the woman shaving off the hair from the man’s hands, legs and face, after shaving then found out that the man is very handsome! This is very comedy. (Who will be the actor?) OF course me, other people would not dare to act!”


At the press conference, a Switch sculptures donation ceremony was also held as 12 sculptures of famous sculptors were donated for display at Zhejiang Art Museum.

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