Andy would direct sequel to Switch if box office exceed $500 million

On 3 June 2013, Switch film director Jay Sun brought along two of the film’s main cast Andy Lau and Lin Chiling to attend the film’s premiere at Shanghai Film Museum. At the event, Lin Chiling quipped that Andy would keep his handsome and elegant look for 24 hours which made her feel shy when looking at him. Andy also revealed that if the box office taking of this film exceeded $500 million , there will be a possibility that he direct the sequel.


According to Lin Chiling, Andy can be considered as “multi-tasking prince” on the set as he would be part of everything. With regards to that, Andy explained that he wanted to give first-time film director Jay Sun more support, “Jay is boss of production company, initially he approached film directors from Korea and European countries in hope of them directing this film, but he gave up due to his budget. When the shooting was about to start, he had to direct the film himself. For a newbie director, some unexpected incidents can happened on the set, for example when shooting a driving scene, when the camera was about to roll and I was seated in the car, then found out that the crew member did not insert the car keys. These might be little matters but accumulating would prolong the shooting period and many would lose patience.”


Andy revealed that during shooting, someone did played games on his mobile phone. Andy doubled up as assistant director to remind the person, “I respect the director, who had never been a newbie? Therefore I hope to use my own action to remind all crew members to respect the director.” He then quipped: “Actually shooting the film also took a long time, because of some issues had to cancel shooting, actually it something with regards to my family that I had to attended to.”


From the short clip being broadcast during the event, the film Switch indeed have a heavy Hollywood film flavor, for example secret agent Andy had to make a trip to Dubai. Andy quipped: “I once talked to the director not to shoot any scenes similar to Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, but the shooting crew had already arrived at Dubai, thus not shooting at the landmark building would not be logical.”

Andy added: “I also went to watch the scene where Tom Cruise climbing the window and asked our action director how that scene was completed. Was told of the complicated special effects and high budget, thus it’s impossible to PK Tom Cruise. As I could not climb, at least I can jump off from the top of the building, thus we decided to add the scene of jumping off from the building.”


Andy, being cast as the handsome and elegant secret agent, undoubtedly will be compared with Tom Cruise. Andy expressed that he feel honored for the comparison, “I’m rather happy, both myself and Tom Cruise could sustain till now. You can put it this way, I’m the only one representing China to challenge Tom Cruise.”


With regards to the jump, Andy thus became the first Asian artist to conquer Burj Khalifa Tower. Although being a secret agent need to risk his life, but Andy exclaimed that he does not feel that he’s “risking his life”, he said: “I’m an actor who know to protect myself, knowing what is the safest, thus if those scenes required me to risk my life, I would shoot it without risking my life.”


It’s understand that the film had a production budget of one hundred sixty million production, thus needed at least 400 million box office taking to break even. After hearing this, Andy then exclaimed: “If the film managed to collect more than $500 million, I’ll direct the sequel.”

news and photos from:, Ming Pao,