Switch premiere in Beijing, Andy does not wish to talk about “second pregnancy” allegation

3D action film, directed by Jay Sun and starring Andy Lau, Tong Dawei, Zhang Jingchu and Lin Chiling will be screened in the cinemas on 9 June 2013. The film held its premiere at Beijing on 2 June 2013 where all four of the cast attended.


In the film, Andy is a secret agent to protect national treasure painting Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains experiencing life and death, other than lots of action scenes, his love relationship with Lin Chiling and Zhang Jingchu is also eye catching. At the press conference, the director quipped that Andy is a lucky secret agent as he have beauties acting with him, Andy immediately replied: “This is the real me.”


Recalling when he accepted this film’s offer, Andy exposed that he almost became the film director of this film, “I was told about this film by Han Sanping, then he was shooting The Founding of a Party and invited me to direct this film, as I was very busy and need 1 year to prepare this film, thus I did not accept it.” He added: “I’m still working hard to become a film director, I’m delighted to see others’ success. Other than hardworking, a film director need to be talented, so let’s see if I’ve the chance.”


Actually during that period he was also preparing a spy film, “Almost the same idea, mine was talking about 9 ancient cooking cauldrons…initially wanted to integrate my 9 ancient cooking cauldrons idea into Switch, but they told me that the film will only start shooting when the real painting being combined, I feel that it’s impossible, then I told them that I can act in this film but not direct it.”


Andy said that he carried the thinking of “making of friend”, “Jay is so hardworking as he stand out to direct the film, I feel that I should support him, I normally lend support to newbie director, why shouldn’t I help him? Therefore I agree to be cast in this film without reading the script, because I’m willing to befriend this friend, in addition hope China can have a spy film like 007.”


Although did not direct Switch but he did contribute many ideas during the shooting procedure, Jay quipped that if this film won recognition of the audience, he thought of shooting a sequel and still wanted Andy to direct the sequel. A modest Andy exclaimed: “Aiya, I don’t have the ability.” But he do admit that he will work hard to become a film director as recently actors Vicky Zhao Wei and Xu Zheng managed to become film directors.


When talked about his film director dream, Andy exclaimed that he had earlier also wrote a script about firemen which he spent 2 years, but there were already 2 Hong Kong films about firemen (referring to 3D Inferno and As The Light Goes Out), thus he had to delay his plans as his was not as good as those 2 films. Currently he’s working on a script based on police, initially thought of showing to bosses in September but he felt that the story is not what he wanted thus need to rewrite and hope it can be made into a film.


With regards to Andy having 2 beautiful co-stars in Lin Chiling and Zhang Jingchu, director Jay Sun quipped: “Andy is a lucky secret agent as he have beauties acting with him”, Andy immediately replied: “This is the real me,” and added that he had a lot of fighting scenes with Lin Chiling, but he stunned while looking at her eyes and did not managed to avoid in time and got hit.


When asked about the box office takings, Andy exclaimed: “I hope that Chinese spy film will be a good production, but expected that it would not catch up with the Americans. thus I accepted this film. The director had mentioned that he hope to achieve $4 billion, this is some kind of insurance, I also hope so, if not I would need to reduce my asking fees for my future film projects.”

In the film, it would be Lin Chiling first time becoming a mistress, as the killer of a Japanese organization, she fall in love with Andy. A normally shy Lin Chiling quipped when she talked about the bed scene with Andy: “The scene required me to save him, I need to lie on top of him, I was thinking that I will hurt him and feel afraid. Furthermore my previous bed scene with Tony Leung Chiu Wai in Red Cliff was only done to the point, this time required me to take the initiative, feel uncomfortable, in addition to some areas need me to control, so feel rather nervous too.”


When asked to compare collaborating with Tony and Andy, she said: “How can I do comparison?” She later than revealed that collaborating with Tony was her first time into acting thus unsure of the details, “I don’t talk much when collaborating with Tony, but he will bring me into the atmosphere of the film, I can communicate well with Andy.”

Recently, it was alleged that 47 years old Carol Zhu Liqian was pregnant with Andy’s second child, although the organizer was worried that Andy would absent himself to avoid questions being asked of his family but the professional Andy still attended the event. With regards to all the action scenes in the film, the reporters first asked if he’s worried about safety, he shook his head and said: “In the past would be dangerous, now all safety precaution had improved a lot.” When asked if his wife and daughter would be worried for him, he burst into laughter and said: “Turning rounds and it turned to this, actually you can detour, everybody relax, I’ll be careful during shooting.”


Even though Andy had expressed his unwillingness to talk about his family matters, but the media still hogged him and continue asking if he would accompany his wife in private, Andy kept his smile and appeared unhappy: “In my life was always together with my family.” It was total silent for a few seconds before another reporter asked: “Are you earning money to buy milk powder?” This time, Andy showed off his taiji skill by saying: “Three questions were about my family, can the topic be more divided? I’ll tell you in private when all cameras are shut off, you also cannot tell others.”


In another interview, Andy directly replied about the “second pregnancy” allegation, he said: “I do not answer questions on Internet allegation, I don’t wish them to come out with another strange topic, it will be hard for me to carry on from there, thus I decided not to reply on this matter.”

Other than busy with the promotion of Switch and Blind Detective, Andy was invited for an event in Yunnan as he shared his work experience as he uploaded the activity’s photographs onto his official website. Andy who hardly goes to Yunnan thus the media and local got excited of his arrival. When large group of people pushed forward to him, he did not seems nervous and rather relaxed.


However he has an usual experience as due to the high height, he had to be put on oxygen machine for a short while to ease his breathing, luckily he’s all well as he quipped: “Hard to breathe on high height doesn’t affect you only, it affect me too.”


news and photos from: ent.QQ.com, Macao Daily, Apple Daily News, roll.sohu.com