Andox turned into a dumpling; Andy wanted to sleep in HK during Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon Boat Festival is here, everybody is busy visiting relatives and friends, every artistes are at their wits to send out their greetings to their fans. Among them, the most creative would be Andox and Box. In order to send out their greetings, Box turned his elder brother Andox into a dumpling.

Actually this is a 4-strip comic by Andox and Box. Currently on their blog, there is a segment on Dragon Boat Festival, the comic illustrated for Dragon Boat Festival, Andox used a toilet bowl cleaning brush to practice rowing a dragon boat in a bath tub, on knowing this Box tied up Andox into a dumpling.

In addition, reporters understand from the crew members location shooting for Di Ren Jie in Hengdian, shooting will still carried out during the Dragon Boat Festival. Hardly Andy managed to “find” a few days holidays, he happily returned to Hong Kong for the festival, his greatest wish us to seize this chance to have a good sleep. Andy revealed that since the beginning of May, he had been shooting for Di Ren Jie in Hengdian, other than jetting off to Sichuan to perform, the rest of his time was at the shooting venue. He said: “Everyday, I started work at 5pm and end working at 5-6am in the morning.”

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