Summo sing praise of Andy’s handsome fighting

Tsui Hark’s Di Ren Jie is currently shooting in Hengdian. Andy Lau and Li Bingbing enjoyed fighting on their own without any body doubles.

With regards to media reports that Andy only shoot 6 days of non-fighting scenes, the film company clarified: “Andy is Di Ren Jie in the movie, he will be shooting for 2 months, he did all the difficult fighting scenes, for such an important role, how is it possible for shooting of 6 days, if possible, we would consider taking legal actions.” In addition, Andy’s management company also said: “The media must behave themselves, reports must be true, false news could only mislead the readers and damage the artiste’s image, Andy loved this movie a lot, he love the charismatic Di Ren Jie character, it would be one of his best film.”

When reporters approached art director Sumo Hung and asked him about Andy’s performance, he quipped: “Who don’t know how professional Andy is, he’s so experience after so many years of fighting in action films, he gave his best, he would not use body double when he could complete the stunt himself, his fighting is handsome enough.”