Photographs of bed scene in Switch revealed

Directed by Jay Sun, 3D secret agent flick Switch will be screened in cinemas nationwide on 9 June 2013, kicking off the summer holidays slot. Andy Lau who is a secret agent who risked his life to protect national treasure painting Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains. Other than his mission, Andy would also get to be entangled between 2 beauties in “wife” Zhang Jingchu and “mistress” Lin Chiling.


According to the director, Andy will let go his limits to have a passionate bed scene with Zhang Jingchu. From the released photographs of the film, both of them hugged while naked, expressing them enjoying the romance and warmth after their passion encounter.

Other than that, Andy also got to get romantic with “mistress” Lin Chiling on Dubai’s beach, both of them lying on a small bed on the beach and have “close contact”.


Since his marriage, Andy had cut down on bed scenes in his films these recent years, whereas for Switch, he changed his after marriage restrictions as he revealed his bare back in the film, in addition to some passionate bed scenes which made fans hoping to catch some “skin” of Andy.


When reporter talked about the bed scenes, director Jay expressed: “Although these scenes are close to limits but are not to attract attention to create news but to reflect the true love of the main leads and are connected to the later part of the story.”

In another series of released photographs, it showed a “pregnant” Lin Chiling appearing in-front of Andy and Zhang Jingchu. Female spy Lisa (Lin Chiling) kept trying to seduce Andy which brought his relationship with wife (Zhang Jingchu) to ice-breaking point…


According to director Jay, in order to win the heart of Andy from Zhang Jingchu, Lin Chiling had used up all her tricks as she purposely kiss, flirt and seduce Andy in-front of Zhang Jingchu who quipped: “No woman would wanted a love rival like Lin Chiling, her beautiful looks is too dangerous.”


In the film, Andy has love for wife Zhang Jingchu but have feelings for female spy Lin Chiling, but whether he’s unfaithful is what kept fans discussing. One fan expressed: “Any man would not be able to reject the seduction of Lin Chiling.” Fans then rebluffed that “good man” Andy would not have an affair.

With regards to the complicated relationship between the three, Jay express: “Their relationship is very complicated, it’s special love relationship experiencing life and death, the ending would made one feel hopeless and depressed. With regards to the ending of three of them, you would have to wait till you watch the film in the cinema on 9 June.”

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