Andy spent $2 billion to build “castle”

According to Hong Kong media reports, Andy Lau and Carol Chu Liqian’s daughter Hanna unknowingly is already 1 years old, Andy who had earlier spent $2 billion to buy #35 bungalow on Kadoorie Avenue, spending millions on renovations, it has completed after 3 years.


From the photographs in the report, the bungalow is surrounded by trees, every corner was installed with CCTV, the bungalow also has a basement. The first floor would be the haven for Andy’s family, other than his daughter’s room, another children room was prepared for another child. On the rooftop, there was an individual room with 3 baby strollers, it seems to be his daughter’s personal “garage”.

The report also stated that Andy spent $2 billion to buy a private jet plane which can be used for future overseas holidays with his family. Andy who loved children would like to have a son as last month the couple was spotted at Xiang De Xuan wishing for a child, they stayed for 4 hours before being escorted home by bodyguards around 11pm.

Carol who is already 47 years old is considered as elderly primipara, if want another child, gotta be fast.

news and photos from:,, Apple Daily News