Blind Detective won critics’ hearts

Blind Detective, directed by Johnnie To, produced by Wai Kai-Fai and starring Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng will be screened in the cinema during the summer holidays. Since its world premiere at Cannes Film Festival’s midnight screening, the film had won good reviews.


The film’s overseas sale has been doing well as currently more than 10 countries had bought the film, thus the film is one of 2013 most commercial value Chinese film.


“This film is great, really a treasure!” This is the remarks from the first batch of audience whom watch it in Cannes. They felt that the film contain all the elements of a Johnnie To film, it presented the best of Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng, the audience was high and delighted after watching the film.


Many from the film industry sang praise of Blind Detective and they were surprised as they found out that this film is not a traditional police-cop film, it’s a combination of many elements which includes comedy, love story, thriller into one, the classic silver screen couple of Andy and Sammi created a turn back the clock feel as it presented and made one remember of many classics moments from old Hong Kong films.


The only Chinese film critics in Cannes magasa thinks Blind Detective is very watchable, “It made one think of Mad Detective, Running Out of Time, Running on Karma and those romantic comedies of Andy and Sammi.” Well-known film director Jia Zhangke thinks that Johnnie To reinvent “a heavenly steed soaring across the skies” thinking, “I can’t watch it as an entertaining film, watching it will strongly shaken you, meanwhile it has comedies which will make you happy, especially being a midnight screening, same as the other audience, when the logo of Milkyway came out, everybody will cheer and applause…”


During the film festival where film distributors around the world gathered at Cannes, many express that the film gave them a deep impression. The film company revealed that the film had won recognition from many film distributors after watching several minutes of the film, within 10 days, more than 10 film distributors of different countries had already confirmed purchasing the distribution rights of the film.




In addition, the film company released a series of photographs from the film whereby Lam Suet trying to kill Andy with an axe in the forest, to save his own life, Andy had to climb up a tree, the scene is thrilling and comical.


When talked about the shooting of the scene, Andy exclaimed that it’s meaningful, “When the audience watch this scene they would feel that it’s very funny, because I looked rather confused when climbing up the tree, it’s also rather embarrassing.”


When asked why would made one feel embarrassing, Andy said: “Because I can’t see, the movement would not be the same as a normal person, to escape from someone whom tried to kill you, the person would be more nervous and helpless when compared to a normal person, people would find it funny but actually the person is very afraid.”


It was understand that when shooting this climbing the tree scene, Andy got hurt on his body and hands. As he need to swiftly climb up the tree and hold onto it tight, this resulted his palms got pricked by the tree and scratches on his arms and legs, his stamina did not lose out to younger actors.


The film company also revealed a new 1 minute long trailer of the film. In the video, followed by the earlier suspense and horror scenes, the 16 years missing mystery case became more clear. Then, it changes to “handsome blind” inspector Andy and “out of line” Sammi, the partners’ scenes opposite each other as romantic, comedies and “mo lei tau” atmosphere being brought into the film.

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