Andy and Li Bingbing risked their life for the shooting of Di Ren Jie

Tsui Hark’s major production Di Ren Jie is currently location shooting in Hengdian, Tsui once again forbid any media reporting on the shooting as no reporters were allowed to get near the shooting venue, however once again brave itself to its own “get-the-news-at-all-cost” standard, flew to Hengdian and still managed to sneak into the shooting venue with the help of the locals.

The reporter managed to sneak into the shooting venue for 2 days, which happened to be the night shooting involving Andy Lau and Li Bingbing. The appearance of Andy successfully disposed the earlier allegation that Andy laze around among the cast, it was said that he worked for 6 days before jetting back to Hong Kong to rest. In fact, Andy had signed a 2-months contract, with his relationship with Tsui Hark, it’s impossible that Andy only worked for 6 days. According to friends of the reporter, this allegation was being spread by semi-paparazzi. Why semi-paparazzi, because many crew members and local temporary workers managed to get into the shooting venue, they sell baseless news that would interest the public to the media.

From what the reporter had saw, Andy is still professional as usual, the allegation dispersed by itself. The crew kept shooting overnight, for the exciting fighting scenes, all actors had to be protected with 5-6 wires before successfully completing the scene. The crew members are still very alert, because before the reporter could take photographs of the hardworking Andy, he was immediately stopped by plain clothes crew members.

Without camera, the reporter’s eyes provide the sight and his brain is his hard-disk. The reporter discovered that Andy and Li Bingbing had many body doubles, however when role model and hardworking Andy and Li Bingbing collaborate, they wanted to do everything themselves. A temporary actor revealed that Andy even wanted to do a fighting scene himself even though its a split second back view of him, thus his body double could only sit at a corner waiting to be paid.

When news broke out that Andy would be Di Ren Jie, many people argued that Andy does not fit Di Ren Jie’s image. However, reporter found out that Tsui Hark’s number one choice for Di Ren Jie is Andy and he’s delighted with Andy’s performance. Even art director Sumo Hung also sing praise of Andy as he told crew members many times that Andy is experienced and professional, his fighting is good and does not lose out to Jet Li.

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